Man Whence How And Whither. by Annie Besant; Leadbeater, C. W. Publication date Topics PHILOSOPHY. PSYCHOLOGY, Philosophy of mind. Man: Whence, How and Whither [Annie Besant, Charles Leadbeater] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A theosophical classic about the. This knowledge should be part of the curriculum of schools. If you want a broad and comprehensive view of history, this book is a must read item. Fascinating.

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It gives to the story a human interest, and teaches the student of reincarnation. Before that point is reached, the touch is imperfect, mediate, subject to errors of whigher and transmission. Sorely wounded as he was, he gave a cry of joy on recognising the stranger, a well-loved friend from the same city as himself, and he was taken into the stranger’s hut.

Man Whence How And Whither

He it is that, as said on p. The blue stream flows on into the third Chain, divides, leaves its laggards to continue in the second Elemental Kingdom in the third Chain, while the bulk goes on to form the third Mna Kingdom of this third Chain; again it receives some laggards from the third Elemental Kingdom of the second Chain, assimilates them, and carries them on with itself, an undiluted blue stream, into the Mineral Kingdom of the fourth Chain; as before, it leaves some laggards to evolve themselves in the third Elemental Kingdom of the fourth Chain, and receives some from the Mineral Kingdom of the third Chain, assimilating them as before.

Sadie marked it as to-read Jul 24, He may enter on ‘the Spiritual Period’ a phrase covering unknown meanings, 14 ‘My Father worketh hitherto and I work. Studying vegetable consciousness in the second Chain– in which we, who now are human, were living in the vegetable world– we find a dim awareness of forces playing on it, and a certain sense of compulsion towards growth. Hence, as they died, or were killed off, they were not re-born, but passed into a condition of sleep; many bodies of similarly low types were annihilated by znd catastrophes which laid whole districts waste, and the population of the globe was very much diminished.

Diagram III places the seven Chains in a Scheme as columns standing side by side, in order that the divine Life-Streams, figured by the arrows, may be traced from kingdom to kingdom in their ascent. The islanders kill all whom they take prisoners, but do not, like the mainland savages, either torture them living, or eat them dead.

Herakles followed Mars as whithre servant and fought under him, and when the battles were over, and it was decided to transplant the docile savages from the island to the mainland, and to incorporate them as a colony of the Empire, Sirius and Herakles met again, to their mutual de- light, as great according to their small capacity as the deeper joy of Mars and Mercury on their higher level.

Not until the seventh Race of our seventh Round will man possess the splendid body in which every particle will thrill responsive to himself, and even then not as perfectly as in later Chains. They carry into their intermediate ad istence this sense of united work and willingness to submit to direction, to their own great advantage in the future.

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Some consolidation and improvement there certainly is in the emotional body floating in the atmosphere of globe E, in the mental similarly floating in that of globe F, and in the causal likewise in that of globe G. When this sub-conscious reaction is in several directions, the thought-model of a crystal is formed. In another Scheme, those we left as laggards in the Animal Kingdom of the seventh Chain will appear in the Human Kingdom of the first Chain of that new Scheme, and therein reach perfection as men.

As the number of students increases, so will increase the number of our readers. They saw clearly that co-operation brought about better results than strife, and they co-operated for their own advantage rather than with any desire to spread happiness among others.

These thought-forms are as models in the Mind of the Ruler of the Seven Chains, living within Him, products of His meditation, a world of thoughts, of ideas; we see that the Monads who have acquired permanent atoms in some previous Scheme, and who are floating over these thought-forms, attach themselves to them, and become vaguely conscious in and through them.

Man Whence How And Whither : Annie Besant : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Their willingness to obey shaped for them a fairer future than that of the orange people, and we meet them again in Atlantis as priests of the White temples, gradually forming emotional bodies of a good type.

On these intelligences of many grades, inward-turned, living a strange slow sub- jective life, without idea of time, He pours inter- mittent streams of Whencs stimulating magnetism. The seven Schemes of our Solar System may, for convenience sake, be named after the globe D of each, this being aand globe best known to us; these are: The city was distinctly civilised, with large and handsome buildings in the better quarters, and an immense number of shops.

The worlds are curious, like churning whirlpools; our Earth, the most solid, is hot, muddy, sticky, and much of its territory does not seem to be anchored down very firmly.

There were trees which grew to a great height in a single year, and which were semi-animal.

MAN: Whence, How, and Whither (A Record Of Clairvoyant Investigation)

This great mass includes: Those who individualised in the fifth Bound by vanity were born for the most part into city popula- tions, and life after life they tended to drift together by similarity of tastes and contempt for others, even though their dominating idiosyncrasy of vani- ty led to much wnither and often-repeated rup- tures among themselves. Near what corresponds wuence the Equator is a great city but it looks more like a cemetery with a large extent of cultivated land round it.

A leadbeter G, the root-world and the seed-world, are on the spiritual plane, for all descends from the higher to whenec lower, from the subtle to the dense, and climbs again to the higher, enriched with the gains of the journey, the gains serving as seed for the next Chain; B and F are leaadbeater the intuitional plane, one gathering and the other whenfe C and E are on the higher mental, in similar relationship; D, the turning point, the point of balance between the ascending and descending arcs, is in the lower part of the mental plane.


Mzn division does not affect the relation between Masters and disciples, as pupils of each of the two Leadbdater who are to leadbeateg the Manu and Bodhisattva of the sixth Boot Race, were found in both sub-groups. On leaving globe C, they went towards the region where the Earth Cljain was building, to be joined later by a number of others who also gave themselves to this work.

On this first Chain there are so tar as we could see none who drop out as failures, and some, as always seems to be the case in later Chains also, pass far beyond the ap- pointed level ; in the seventh Round the members of that humanity who became Initiates entered on one or other of the seven Paths before-mentioned. Following the evolving consciousnesses which we have seen as minerals on the first Chain, as vege- tables on the second, we find the crest of the ad- vancing wave which bears us within it entering the third Chain as mammals at its middle point, appear- ing On globe D, the Moon, in the fourth Bound.

Whence, How and Whither Title page to the first edition, Pride grew stronger and stronger, and they became cold and calculating, without pity and without remorse.

The general fleet leaves the Moon ; only a small popula- tion is left, wuence aside for reasons which will present- ly appear, and these leave globes E, F and G in small groups, boat-loads only to keep up our meta- phor.

Mercury was something of a doctor, and his friend grew rapidly better under his care, his wounds healing and his strength returning. The Staff contains Beings at very different levels, from that of Arhatship 2 upwards. The dwellers in the central house of the city just described were in touch with These, and were influenced by Them in matters of serious concern.

The human beings can never exist, as such, on more than two successive Chains.

Theosophy : Man : Whence, How and Whither by Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater : :

Their astral and mental bodies have grown under the play of their owners’ human intelligence, as those of domesticated animals now develop under our own; Sirius is devoted chiefly to Mercury, Herakles to Mars; Alcyone and Mizar are passionately attached servants of the Mahaguru and Surya.

Our limited consciousness existing in Time, is inevitably bound by this succession; we can only think successively. They are regarded as demons by the islanders, who nevertheless fight fiercely in self-defence.

From the latter part of the third Chain and onwards, we traced humanity’ s story by following a group of individuals, except where this group was otherwise occupied during any important stage of evolution– as in the beginnings of the third and fourth sub-races of the fifth Root-Race; when that was the case we left it, and followed the main stream of progress.

Two Atlantean Civilisations– Chaldaea.