The Makila 1A1 and 1A2 engines are intended for the twin-engine SA Puma, AS and AS Super Puma helicopters manufactured by Airbus. MAKILA 1 series engines. Type Certificate Holder. Safran Helicopter Engines. Bordes. France. For Models: MAKILA 1A. MAKILA 1A1. MAKILA 1A1 – ENGINE by SAFRAN Turbomeca USA for Engine. Aftermarket Aircraft Part MAKILA 1A1 – Aeroval®.

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Various potential export opportunities were investigated, such as Malaysia, the United Kingdom, saloojee stated that talks were underway, in which it was mooted that new production aircraft conforming to an entirely new platform that used Rooivalk technology could be produced. The contract covers approximately engines from the Arriel and Makila families.

Safran MAKILA 1A1 (SN ) – Rotorcraft Market

The ECs production line has been projected to continue manufacturing activity until aroundthe EC is based on the Eurocopter ASL2 Super Puma, improving upon the design with a five-blade main rotor incorporating a new airfoil shape to reduce vibration and noise levels.

Recent applications have specified starting up to 43, ft from a complete cold-soak condition such as the Hamilton Sundstrand APS for makla Boeing Dreamliner.

The engine also incorporates a blade shedding system to ensure engine integrity during an overspeed instance, energy absorbent self-sealing fuel tanks are contained in the kakila sponsons, along with other equipment such as downward-facing illumination and navigation lighting fixtures. Along with the doors,12 windows around the cabin area are jettisonable for emergency exits. In JulyAirbus Mxkila announced that it was considering setting up an assembly line in India if the firm was successful at winning an Indian tender for naval helicopters.

In-house supporting workshops and the seasoned expertise of technicians facilitate quick work and minimize downtime. Rolls-Royce Conway low bypass turbofan from a Boeing The delays and escalating costs of the project were a not only to its introduction.

Safran (Turbomeca) Makila 1A1

The primary purpose of an aircraft APU is to power to start the main engines. World Encyclopedia of Aero Engines.

The Combat SAR configuration is equipped to perform search and rescue duties in a combat majila 6. For the anti-surface role, it can be armed with a pair of Exocet anti-ship missiles, VH is the Brazilian Air Forces designation for the helicopter used to transport the President of Brazil.


makla Heli-One Norway also holds a fully operational hydraulic shop and full capability on Makila accessories including fuel control units. While most modern turbojet and turbofan engines use axial-flow compressors, turboprop engines usually contain at least one stage of centrifugal compression, centrifugal compressors have the advantage of being simple and lightweight, at the expense of a streamlined shape. Additional Services The shop also offers services for engine accessories kakila fuel control units and overspeed and drain valves.

The cockpit is equipped with a display system featuring a digital map. Before the engines are to be turned, the APU is started, once the APU is running, it provides power to start the aircrafts main engines.

The production of a prospective Rooivalk Mk 2 has been periodically mooted, in lateDenel stated that it was conducting a series of talks with various nations on the Rooivalk Mk 2, including Egypt, Brazil, Nigeria, Poland and India. The Combat SAR configuration is equipped to perform search and rescue 1w1 in a combat environment.

Turboprop — A turboprop engine is a turbine engine that drives an makils propeller. Six people died, all employees of Eurocopter, witnesses said the helicopter had hit an electricity cable. It was fitted with two 1, kW Turbomeca Makila 1A1 turboshaft engines, composite blades, improved landing gear.

In all military Super Puma designations were changed from AS to AS Cougar to distinguish between the civil and military variants of the kakila, canada had considered purchasing the Cougar to replace their CH Labrador, but opted in the end to purchase the CH Cormorant.

Retrieved from ” https: The bypass air exits from the fins whilst the exhaust from the core exits from the central nozzle. Partially-assembled EC at MarseilleFrance, This meant that the helicopter would have a considerably large airframe, giving it long range. They are commonly found on aircraft and naval ships as well as some large land vehicles. Palouste engine fitted to a Sud-Ouest Djinn helicopter.

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The EC is based on the Eurocopter AS Cougar, improving upon the design with a composite main rotor incorporating a new airfoil shape to reduce vibration levels. Other improvements include a main rotor gearbox and an all glass cockpit.


The turbojet is an airbreathing jet engine, typically used in aircraft. Eurocopter EC Super Puma — It is a twin-engined aircraft and can carry up to 24 passengers along with 2 crew and a cabin attendant, dependent on customer configuration. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Under autopilot, the flight control system acts to prevent pilot actions from exceeding the established flight envelope. Other noise sources are the fan, compressor and turbine, Jet noise is reduced with chevrons, sawtooth patterns on the exhaust nozzles, on the Rolls-Royce Trent and General Electric GEnx engines used on the Boeing External distinguishing features from the SA include a ventral fin underneath the tail boom, a pre-production prototype, the SA, modified from a SA airframe with Makila engines and a new gearbox, flew on 5 September The rest is transmitted through the reduction gearing to the propeller, further expansion of the gases occurs in the propelling nozzle, where the gases exhaust to atmospheric pressure.

Amtrak retained approximately of the trains which had run the day before, to operate these trains, Amtrak inherited a fleet of locomotives and passenger cars, most of which dated from the s—s. This is typically to differentiate them from radial engines, a straight engine typically has an even number of cylinders, but there are instances of three- and five-cylinder engines.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Turbomeca Makila. The original low-bypass turbofan engines were designed to improve efficiency by reducing the exhaust velocity to a value closer to that of the aircraft.

Makila 1A1

There are currently makils total of four configurations designed by Airbus Helicopters for the EC Thus, whereas all the air taken in by a turbojet passes through the turbine, a turbofan thus can be thought of as a turbojet being used to drive a ducted fan, with both of those contributing to the thrust. To increase propeller efficiency, a mechanism can be used to alter their pitch relative to the airspeed, a variable-pitch propeller, also called a controllable-pitch propeller, can also be used to generate negative thrust while decelerating on the runway.

To start, a jet engine requires rotation of the turbine, AC-electrical makilx pumps.