Find out all of the information about the Macalloy product: tensile structure tension rod MACALLOY , S, , S Contact a supplier or the parent. Macalloy – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Macalloy Macalloy is a manufactured carbon steel, with excellent mechanical properties. The thread is rolled, rather than cut. This gives rise to the.

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The Turnbuckle with Fin Plate allows long horizontal rods to be supported against sag by using additional vertical bracing. Macalloy is continuously introducing new products to meet the various demands of the civil and architectural markets. Turnbuckles are a simple method to allow rod lengths to be extended while providing additional length adjustment.

The tension rod system utilises the same Macalloy fork end as the rest of the tension structures range of stainless cables and compression struts allowing for combinations of all 3 systems.

The Post Tensioning System is available in carbon steel and stainless steel. Special bar sizes and special solutions are available to suit specific requirements. Tension rods and cables systems are excellent for supporting tension loads, but not compression loads. Macalloy can provide support for installation and stressing of all our products.

Compression Rods accommodate the structural situations where compression loads need to be supported. The Macalloy S has been developed using high strength stainless steel to deliver optimum levels of strength, ductility and appearance. Nearing completion and scheduled to open in earlyTizi Ouzou Stadium in Algeria. The Cross-Coupler allows simple diagonal bracing by permitting rods to intersect in the same plane.


Macalloy tension bars are available in a range of finishes including 4600, galvanized and the stainless steel range known as S and S Macalloy Carbon Bars are a manufactured carbon steel.

Macalloy are able to supply bar and cable systems to suit various applications from Airports to Stadiums to name but a few.

Macalloy Bar Systems

A range of crossover and connection solutions are available, particularly applicable for bracing and cross bracing applications. Attractive appearance Adjustable for length High performance Wide selection of load capacities and finish Wide selection of accessories Sealed threads for corrosion maczlloy.

Site services macalliy includes equipment hire, training of site personnel to install and tension bars and on site installation. This gives rise to the use of smaller diameter bars for a given metric thread, resulting in material cost saving. Pre-tension jacking systems are also available. The range is also complimented by a full selection of rod coupling systems, center anchor discs, and compression rods.

Certifications | Tension systems

They are available in stainless steel cable diameters from 4mm to 26mm, and in three different strand configurations to suit a range of engineering requirements. MACALLOY Tension Rods are available in thread diameters ranging from 10mm to mm, and are available as unfinished carbon steel normally for macalloh paintinghot dip galvanized, or stainless steel.

Macalloy has supplied M85 Carbon Tie Rods in grade to help support the new stadiums roof. Bars are available in lengths up to 12 metres with longer lengths achievable mcaalloy connecting bars with couplers or turnbuckles. Cable Systems are available in stainless steel. The thread is rolled, mqcalloy than cut. The tension bar system, which may globally be referred to as tie rods, tie bars or tension rods, provide adjustment of the total length.


Download our brochures below for more information. Originally developed for prestressed concrete structures the system is also used for a variety of other structural applications.


Contact Macalloy for further information. Alternatively you can contact us; the details can be macxlloy at the bottom of this page. Bars are available with outer thread diameters from 10mm to mm. The numbers in the title denote the yield strength of the Stainless Bars.

It works by gripping the tension bar on either side of the turnbuckle and pulling the bars together into tension and so loosening the turnbuckle.

Tension Rods are available in mill finish carbon steel, hot-dip macalloyy, and stainless steel.

Further adjustment of the bar can be achieved with the use of a turnbuckle, which can also be used to induce a load in the system. Please mcaalloy our technical team.

The turnbuckle can then be tightened with a strap, chain or stilson wrench. The Disc Connection provides an attractive architectural feature for the central connection of multiple tension rods used in cross bracing. They are used for a wide range of architectural and structural applications. Macalloy has considerable experience of using stainless steel in a chlorine environment and can offer advice upon specific grades for such applications.

For more details of yield loads, levels of adjustment and component dimensions please download the Macalloy tension structures brochure.

The Macalloy tension bar system gained CE approval, long before it became mandatory practice for structural steel work throughout the EU. Macalloy tension bars are the core component of the Macalloy tension structures range.