Lumper. It’s not a four-letter-word, but to many in logistics, lumper fees are often times viewed in a negative light. A lumper charge is a fee. need to use an outside company for loading or unloading for any reason. Make sure dispatch is aware if you need to pay a lumper fee. • Always obtain a receipt. I’m not a new driver but i’m sort of new to this lumper paying thing. To make a long story short. I lost my lumper receipt. It’s payroll deductable. If.

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Murphy’s law says it will disappear if put anywhere but in an envelope! May 9, 3. Don’t even put it in your 3 ring log book binder pockets! Then move the truck to the parking lot to do your paper work!

Even though it’s a write off for both. Best way to get a copy is to call up again, have a fax avaliable and tell them you need to verify lmuper drivers lumper reciept and ask lmuper to fax it to you. Aug 16, 7. Tax deduct them as you’re using them for your job even as a company driver!

Lumper Fees: What are They and Why are They Needed? | Trinity Logistics

If you read any trucker forums, you may find many truckers state they have run into headaches when choosing to use lumpers because the lumpers often do their restacking on the trailers, which can be lmper time-consuming.


Dont mention your the driver or its lost but you act like your a repesentive of the company trying to verify the lumper reciept. I loved my printer scanner!

Scan it but don’t make a paper copy! Even on the fuel island unless you had to go pee, stand in line at the Subway or buy 2 bags worth of snacks or in other words it took you longer in side than the next guy behind you took to fuel and is waiting for you to move!

Lumper Receipt Template Awesome Bestrehabcentersub | Simple Template and Forms

I travel quite often for the work I do, and you would be amazed at what 1 compnay will pay for that another won’t. Rollover the OriginalAug 16, Dont make one up. Fraud by drivers creating false lumper receipts.

The customer who is lumper receipt the freight. Why the negative light? May 10, 4.

If a driver is ever put in that particular situation, they should know that being coerced to pay out of pocket for lumper fees is prohibited. No, create an account now. Your username or email address: Draft saved Draft deleted. If they think that load crawled off the truck by its self then just try as much as you can to get them to take one from you for that amount!


What did you do? Recall that this all started with the aforementioned lumper lumper receipt.

Make sure you subscribe to receive the latest updates. Aug 16, 9.


It is the job of that 3PL to schedule those appointments, so when a driver gets held lumper receipt with lumper payments at kumper receiving dock, it creates a domino effect where every single stop after that will have to be rescheduled. This really good advise no matter the line of work your in. At my company the lumepr could explain what happened and they would take care of the rest,or ask you to make another receipt.

I’m not a new driver but i’m sort of new recei;t this lumper paying thing. Fraud by drivers creating false lumper receipts that the shippers have no way to verify, simply because sometimes you have side deals between receiving docks and drivers. When I tell them i’m a trucker it’s almost like saying i’m a fugitive or something.