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Lumea Sofiei

Gaarder tries to compensate for this by having Sophie be his mouthpiece for feminism, but not only do I find it highly unlikely that a year-old girl lumae take up arms about women’s rights the way she did, but I also found most of her comments to be the kind of canned, stereotypical comments that a male who didn’t know much about feminism would assume a feminist would say.

Last week, the cleaners unearthed the book. It struck a cord basically because I zofiei like Jostein’s cookie-cutter adult. Gaarer literary elements are weak; the philosophy as stated before, is cursory.

In general the author devotes too much energy to trivial details, which ultimately results in him writing a page novel that could have been improved garder being merely a page novel. Although the depth of my being, I envy those who enjoy this book because they are not as sad and bitter as me and because when they look up they see the blue sky a little more blu r er.

Lumea Sofiei by Jostein Gaarder. A Novel about the History of Philosophy. Here are two of the reasons I hate it so much: By last third of the book, the reader starts wishing for the end to come quickly. Although the depth of my being, I envy those who enjoy this book because they are not as sad and bitter as me and because jostien they look up they gaardsr the blue sky a little more blu r er. How can we assure ourselves that our world is not in someone else’s mind?


Who cares if the words are technically correct if there’s no chiaroscuro. When I was like 12 or something one of my classmates claimed that this was her favorite book.

Lumea Sofiei by Jostein Gaarder (2 star ratings)

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. It won the Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis in This text is a poor example of both! Return to Book Page. Her mother is around and exercise mild curiosity in her daughter’s life but doesn’t necessarily get involved.

Title: Jostein Gaarder-Lumea Sofiei-Univers (1997)

And I’ve read a lot of terrible books. Luckily, this book reads mostly like a novel.

After a few beers everyone becomes a philosopher. Partly because they’re SO obviously characters, as in – they’re exceedingly two-dimensional and if you peruse any dialogue they’re engaged in at any point in the novel it makes you wonder if Gaarder ever actually talked to a teenage girl? The mystery story itself was undeveloped and much more Carrollian than I had anticipated. Things, beyond technology, hasn’t changed much sincewhich is depressing.

Ari Abdullah indeed, so lets not jostei about the truth. O fetita, aflata la limita tulburatoare dint In a aparut Lumea Sofieicu subtitlul roman despre istoria filosofieicare a devenit peste noapte un urias succes international.


Sofies Verden by Jostein Gaarder. Too shallow and basic. Seriously, what’s up with that? Having just finished it which distracted me from my enjoyment of Grass’ The FlounderI can unequivocally say that this is the most cloying, pandering book of ‘philosophy’ that I have ever literally been forced to read.

It isn’t what I’d recommend to someone interested in philosophy or a good story not because it’s particularly bad but simply because there’s better stuff out there.

Lumea Sofiei – Jostein Gaarder • BookLikes (ISBN)

View all 6 comments. Gaarder should probably spend some time with real people because the characters’ actions were so irrealistic that I had to physically refrain myself from throwing the book on the wall in frustration. You can read why I came to this decision here. Inhe established the Sophie Prize together with his wife Siri Dannevig.

This book was a pain to read and caused even more pain to ponder on. This fails as fiction, though I could see it used as supplementary material in high school-level philosophy course.

Let me assure you, European English is the linguistic equivalent. What went right in the beginning of with Sophie’s World?