Luce Irigaray is a Belgian-born French feminist, philosopher, linguist, psycholinguist, psychoanalyst and cultural theorist. She is best known for her works Speculum of the Other Woman () and. The Canon: Speculum of the Other Woman. By Luce Irigaray. September 10, Share on twitter · Share on facebook · Share on linkedin · Share on whatsapp. Speculum of the Other Woman: Luce Irigaray: Speculum de l’autre femme ( ; Speculum of the Other Woman), which was highly critical of Freudian and.

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Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. Karen Green – – Hypatia 17 4: For the profession of psychoanalysis, Irigaray believes, female sexuality has remained a “dark continent,” unfathomable and unapproachable; its nature can only be misunderstood by those who continue to regard women in m Speculum of the Other Woman by Luce Irigaray is incontestably one of the most important works in feminist theory to have been published in this generation.

Luce Irigaray, a trained, psychoanalyst, has two doctorates, one in linguistics and one in philosophy. Please help by adding reliable sources. Thus she stresses the need for mothers to represent themselves differently to their daughters, and to emphasize their daughter’s subjectivity.

Luce Irigaray – Wikipedia

Irigaray often discusses a subject position for women and a new definition of women. Irigaray, to the consternation of other feminists, refuses to set out boldly what a woman should be. Zeus orders Hades to return Persephone. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Toril Moi – – Oxford University Press. For example, Irigaray argues that the phallic economy places women alongside signs and currency, since all forms of exchange are conducted exclusively between men.

Irigaray and irigarxy History of Western Luve. Inshe earned a second PhD in Philosophy. Jul 12, Bryan rated it it was amazing. It mainly doman about how the female subject position has historically been excluded in philosophy and Freudian discourse because women have always been cast in the role of either nature or matter instead. However, the body that an infant attributes to him or herself is not objectively understood-it is the mind’s understanding of the body.


A Very Black Sexuality?

Irigaray: “Plato’s Hystera,” from Speculum of the Other Woman | Carlon Robbins –

In the last section, “Plato’s Hystera,” Irigaray reinterprets Plato’s myth of the cave, of the womb, in an attempt to discover the origins of that ideology, to ascertain precisely the way in which metaphors were fathered that henceforth became vehicles of meaning, wojan trace how woman came to be excluded from the production of discourse.

The “to” is a verbal barrier against appropriating or subjugating the other. It will be of interest to feminists, psychoanalysts, philosophers, and literary critics.

Orgasm and the Epistemology of Ignorance. In This Sex Which Is Not OneIrigaray clearly indicates that she will not redefine femininity because it would interfere with women redefining themselves for themselves. Irigaray’s Re-Writing of the Philosophers.

Speculum of the Other Woman

Title Speculum of the Other Woman. I particularly respect her guts in going after not only Freud, but Plato and Hegel as well.

In exchange for giving up this fantasy-which the Father demands of the child in the Oedipus complex-the infant gains his or her own relationship to the Phallus. For the profession tthe psychoanalysis, Irigaray believes, female sexuality has remained a “dark continent,” unfathomable and unapproachable; its nature Innate sexual and gender differences do not exist since if they did both genders would be equally qualified as subjects, a claim that Freudian otherr Lacanian acolytes would be loathe to grant.

Women simply must convince each new generation of men to accept the inevitability of gender equality as a mutually beneficial way of life. Jun 27, Haley rated it it was amazing.

Gill offers a remarkable performance in translating without betraying a very challenging text. Presently, she is active in the Women’s Movements in both France and Italy. Showing of 8 reviews. Buy the selected items together This item: Perhaps the most famous critical tool employed by Irigaray is mimesis.

Publication Ithaca, United States. The later chapters are more fragmentary and impressionistic, but continue to develop that concept of the mirror. A lack of appreciation for these pensees will provoke snide when not openly livid dismissals of utter intellectual incompetence wedded to a crude, perfervid misogyny.


Only one form of subjectivity exists in Western culture and it is male. More specifically, if Irigaray insists on a universal subject position for women, will it be exclusively determined by first world, white, middle class women?

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Referring to the French language as a clear example-even though she believes that the structure of the English language does not exempt it from sexism-she discusses the dominance of the masculine in both the plural and the neuter, which takes the same form as the masculine. One of these items ships sooner than the other.

Skip to main content. Luce Irigaray, a trained, psychoanalyst, has two doctorates, one in linguistics and one in philosophy. One example is that if women are viewed as illogical, women should speak logically about this view. While Irigaray praises psychoanalysis for utilizing the method of analysis to reveal the plight of female subjectivity, she also thinks that it reinforces it.

This book, while over 3o years old, has n This book, like many other examples of post-structuralist French criticism, features an opaque writing style and wide-ranging references to the Western philosophical canon, which makes it difficult to read.

The perception that Luce Irigaray’s work is essentialist concentrates on her attention to sexual difference, taking this to constitute a rehearsal of heteronormative sexuality. Women are therefore marked by absence and the two sexes become one.

Cornell University Press, Irigaray concludes from her research that women are not subjects in language in the same way as men.

Further, Irigaray argues that focusing on language work and on altering allegedly intractable structures does not mean that women have to ignore material conditions.

Continental Psychoanalysis, Misc in Continental Philosophy.