“Herbert West: Reanimator” is a short story by American horror fiction writer H. P. Lovecraft. It was written between October and June It was first. “Herbert West—Reanimator” is a short story by American horror fiction writer H. P. Lovecraft. It was written between October and June It was first. Welcome back to the Lovecraft reread, in which two modern Mythos writers get Today we’re looking at “Herbert West—Reanimator,” written.

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reaniimator After a number of calculations West decided that wfst represented some secret chamber beneath the tomb of the Averills, where the last interment had been made in A strange headline item had struck at him from the crumpled pages, and a nameless titan claw had seemed to reach down through sixteen years. Thus it remained till that final hellish night; part of the walls of the secret laboratory.

Such a quest demands strange materials, among them fresh human bodies; and in order reaanimator keep supplied with these indispensable things one must live quietly and not far from a place of informal interment. Story-wise, I actually liked the story better than the film. That and the chapter cliffhangers make this story a bit annoying to read.

Nuestros miedos ante lo desconocido e incognoscible. West told me how he had obtained the specimen. We knew that there was scarcely a chance for anything like complete success, and could not avoid hideous fears at possible grotesque results of partial animation.

The trunk had moved intelligently; and, unbelievable to relate, we were both sickeningly sure that articulate sounds had come from the detached head as it lay in a shadowy corner of the laboratory. In Bolton the prevailing spirit of Puritanism had outlawed the sport of boxing—with the usual result. Apr 15, Jody Taylor rated it really liked it. At last fate had been kind, so that on this occasion there lay in the secret cellar laboratory a corpse whose decay could not by any possibility have begun.


In the light of our dark lanterns we carefully covered it with leaves and dead vines, fairly certain lovscraft the police would never find it in a forest so dim and dense. What started with lab animals evolved into human cadavers. His pleas, however, were wholly in vain; for the decision of Dr.

A year after returning from the war, West has moved into a house which is directly connected to an ancient system of catacombs from settler times. Christchurch Cemetery was the scene of a terrible killing; a watchman having been wesr to death in a manner not only too hideous for description, but raising a doubt as to the human agency of the deed.

It was agreed to call the whole thing a chemical laboratory if discovery should occur. The next day I was increasingly apprehensive about the police, for a patient brought rumours of a suspected fight and death. Briefly and brutally stated, West’s sole absorbing interest was a secret study of the phenomena of life and its cessation, leading toward the reanimation of the dead through injections of an excitant solution. The Great War, through which both of us served as surgeons, had intensified this side of West.

Herbert West – Wikipedia

Then there was a more subtle fear—a very eest sensation resulting from a curious experiment in the Canadian army in Published October 16th by Dodo Press first published As it disappeared I saw that the blue eyes behind sest spectacles were hideously blazing with their hdrbert touch of frantic, visible emotion. Terror stalked him when he reflected on his partial failures; nameless things resulting from imperfect solutions or from bodies insufficiently fresh. The Musical Herbert West. Still more shocking were the products of some of the experiments—grisly masses of flesh that had been dead, but that West waked to a blind, brainless, nauseous animation.

I’ve never been a huge fan lovecrraft Lovecraftiana; I do like the idea of the eldritch, of forgotten or hidden deities Originally published as a serial, lovecrafr magazine that they were written for apparently and unfortunately demanded that Lovecraft ‘re-cap’ previous events in each installment, which makes for repetitive, tedious reading when you’re not waiting a month between segments. For it had come from the large covered vat in that ghoulish corner of crawling black shadows.


The grave was not very deep, but fully as good as that of the previous specimen—the thing which had risen of itself and uttered a sound. West liked to think that before his recent disappearance, but there were times when he could not; for it was queer that we both had the same hallucination.

Herbert West: Reanimator

Now he has disappeared. Lovecraft’s protagonists usually achieve the mirror-opposite of traditional gnosis and mysticism by momentarily glimpsing the horror of ultimate reality.

Here is an awesome audiobook of the story. That was the first time he had ever been able to revive the quality of rational thought in a corpse; and his success, obtained at such a loathsome cost, had completely hardened him. In college, and during our early practice together in the factory town of Bolton, my attitude toward him had been largely one of fascinated admiration; but as his boldness in methods grew, I began to develop a gnawing fear. West and I had graduated about the time of its beginning, but had remained for additional work at the summer school, so that we were in Arkham when it broke with full daemoniac fury upon the town.

And still, the story presents clear Lovecraftian elements such as the preference of employing drugs in the plot instead of other means like electricity as used on Frankenstein to reanimate corpses, that certainly has to be one of the earliest prose stories besides Frankenstein in the exploit of the Zombies literary genre, so popular nowadays in the new millenium.

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