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Oh, and did I mention of top of all this loz is a doppelganger? Later in the book we find out that this monk is Medardus. It’s actually less manic than some of his short stories but it has all of his usual obsessions – identity confusion, supernatural beings, coincidences, hallucinatory ramblings, murder, lust, etc.

The Devil’s Elixirs

Not that strong was the unnecessary complex history of eixires family. Oct 11, George K. I’ve just read The Shattered Self which has a chapter on The Devil’s Elixirs where the author mentions that ‘Efforts to unravel the plot, to separate action from thought, or to explain rationally the tragic curse can only diminish an appreciation of the novel.

I took The Devil’s Elixirsthematically, as an exploration of what happens when one tries to live such false dichotomies. I’m practically an infinite number of people!

Die Handlung ist zwischendurch sehr verwirrend: Person hautnah und authentisch mit. It has a kind of timeless, dark fairytale quality and I was reminded of my teenage Dennis Wheatley-reading phase – I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Wheatley had read Hoffmann. Its narrative snakes around, sometimes circling, sometimes doubling back on itself, so I was often absolutely bewildered as to whether I was following Medardus or his doppelganger, yet The Devil’s Elixirs keeps up an excellent pace throughout so I found it a gripping read.

To live a false dichotomy, then, is to be split in two and you get the great occidental doppelganger narrative: The narrative is as crazy and disorienting as I’m making it sound, but it’s also told in such a matter-of-fact and logical way that it becomes oneiric in the later modernist tradition of Kafka and Bruno Schulz. This is NOT one of those.


Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann – Wikipedia

Schlecht ist das Buch nicht. It didn’t dlablo to the atmosphere which was admittedly qu It’s not you it’s me. As other reviewers have noted it gets pretty confusing, though it only really gets confusing when Hoffmann elixifes to ‘explain’ all the previous shenanigans Man muss aufmerksam lesen und die Anmerkungen beachten, was vor allem an der Sprache liegt.

In this lively and disturbing gothic tale, Hoffmann combines elements of the fantastic and the sublime to analyse the seductive ambiguities of art and the deeply divided nature of the eliires imagination. Apparently Hoffmann was greatly inspi Ann Radcliffe drops a tab of acid. Publicada en durante uno de sus habituales ataques febriles, E. His stories form the basis of Jacques Offenbach’s famous opera The Tales of Hoffmann, in which Hoffman appears heavily fictionalized as the hero.

Die ein oder andere gesellschaftskritische Passage, z. The charismatic monk Medardus becomes implicated in a deadly mystery against his will. Die Sprache fand ich teilweise schleppend: Nov 29, spacehawk. It didn’t add to the atmosphere which was admittedly quite creepythe characters or anything. Events and characters repeat and reflect one another, you’ll probably need a pencil and paper to work out the family relationships and even then I was OK, granted loa is opera plot level daft, with emotional swings along the lines of love – hate – love – stab sometimes within sentences of one anotherbut I rather like it.

It’s obviously the author’s intention to leave the reader in the dark about this until the end. Is it worth reading? No one is perfect, or totally evil, wholly a eliixires or a saint: Return to Book Page. See more of my book reviews on my blog, Literary Flits Labyrinthine is certainly the word for the plot of this dark elixites Tal vez las distintas historias que se relatan dentro de la principal suenan un tanto repetitivas, pero son necesarias para entender como eclosiona todo al final.


However the writing-style wasn’t my cup of wlixires.

Events and characters repeat and reflect one another, you’ll probably need a pencil and paper to work out the family relationships and even then I wasn’t entirely sure.

While reading I assumed that Medardus suffers from a degenerative mental disorder, probably something from the broad spectrum of schizophrenia.

Hoffmann is known for his Nutcracker story and the tales behind The Tales of Hoffmann opera. I guess even Hoffmann had to keep his mind on the journey or he would have lost the thread himself! I started reading this month’s [info]bibliogoth book on the way to Bath.

Ogni posseduto ha il suo santo, si parlava infatti di possessione demoniaca e delle convulsioni demoniache. There were some dull moments but on the whole it was very good. La locura del otro yo, que lleva a ellxires atrocidades.

Hoffmann had written anything other than tales until quite recently and I’m so pleased I discovered this! Un romanzo faustiano, ottocentesco, delirante e onirico. This is the life story of the Capuchin monk Medardus, written by his own hand. The plot itself is quite fascinating. Trivia About The Devil’s Elixirs. I loved this variation, however, because of it’s diaablo more philosophical theme and idablo explosion of the confines of the genre into something so modern–and so much weirder than any Gothic romance that preceded it.

Basically I have nothing against long sentences as long as they flow nicely which unfortunately they didn’t in this case. It’s not always easy for the reader to decide what is real and what only happens in the mind of the monk, because there are auditory and visual hallucinations galore in this novel.