Editorial Reviews. From the Inside Flap. Anthropologist and naturalist Loren Eiseley blends scientific knowledge and imaginative vision in this story of man. Loren Eiseley (September 3, – July 9, ) was an American anthropologist, educator, . Consider the case of Loren Eiseley, author of The Immense Journey, who can sit on a mountain slope beside a prairie-dog town and imagine. Anthropologist and naturalist Loren Eiseley blends scientific knowledge and imaginative vision in this story of man.

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I am treading deeper and deeper into leaves and silence. Suddenly to posses all that power and then to be forbidden inmense use it must have been almost too much for the man to contain.

Eiseley received his Ph. The notion came to me, I suppose, by degrees. By all means, read this book, even if you’re not an evolutionist. He was a writer about nature, his writings expressing his sense of wonder concerning life, the universe, and evolution.

One of my favorite authors in the Nature Writing genre. Loren Eiseley September 3, — July 9, was an American anthropologisteducatorthfand natural science writer, who taught and published books from the s through the s. Every scientific observation leads to reflection. Shipping charges based te weight Tax: Indeed, what makes Eiseley so fascinating is that he is a complex and multi-faceted individual.

I was merely struck by a sudden impulse to test the survival qualities of high-plains fishes, particularly fishes of this type who get themselves immured in oxygenless ponds or in looren oxbows buried in winter drifts. This left Eiseley feeling distant from her and may have contributed to his parents’ unhappy marriage.

The Unexpected Universe 4.

I marvel at how suddenly a water beetle has come and is submarining there in a spatter of green algae. Like the narrator of a play who observes the drama unfold from the sidelines, Eiseley observes the story of life unfolding throughout history, recounting some of it to us in his own story. I guess this means, looking back over the chapters, that what worked for me was his perspectives on nature as a whole–water, earth, plants, animals, the long process of evolution, wonderings about various aspects of our world.


Loren Eiseley is one of the authors I would have loved to take a walk with, through a museum or down some wooded path, for it would have been an entertaining, educational, and memorable conversation. They are our own. Journal of American Culture. Undergraduate expeditions to western Nebraska and the southwest to hunt for fossils and human artifacts provided the inspiration for much of his early work.

Loren Eiseley: “The Immense Journey” Book review

In simple truth they had forgotten the raven, for they were the singers of life, not death. Living at the edge of town, however, led to Eiseley’s early interest in the natural world, to which he turned when being immende home was too difficult. It was the selective product of the high continent and the waters that pour across it.

Feb 25, Shannon rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is the question the storyteller asks himself as he imagines the possibilities, traveling back and forth in time as his hands are occupied in the present with digging. Though the book seems to have been acclaimed as a true work of science and a piece of great literature, I cannot say that I enjoyed reading it that much.

This is a hard book for me to rate.

She concludes that, for Eiseley, “Nature emerges as a metonym for a view of the physical world, of the ‘biota,’ and of humankind that must be reexamined if life is to survive. Jan 30, Prooost Davis rated it really liked it. Eiseley’s writing often includes his belief that mankind does not have enough evidence to determine exactly how humans came to be. For Eiseley, storytelling is never pure entertainment.

It has appearances, but at its heart lies water, and as I was finally edged gently against a sand bar jojrney dropped like any log, I tottered as I rose.

The Immense Journey

Yet this organization itself is not strictly the product of life, nor of selection. The little stinging needles have given way to huge flakes floating in like white leaves blown from some great tree in open space.


While there, he soon became restless and unhappy, which led him to hoboing around the country by hopping on freight trains as many did during the Great Depression.

They provide more than a glimpse into Eiseley’s mind and imagination. I reveled in the descriptions of how angiosperms transformed the planet from green and brown to brilliant hues and made possible a great diversity of plant, insect, bird, mammalian and even specifically human life, finding it a very apt companion on a trip to Costa Rica’s cloud forest in Monteverde. This made me somewhat dubious of accepting all his claims and opinions.

He drips with blood to catch his prey, but releases the young hawk immrnse the morning.

The Immense Journey by Loren Eiseley

I had never heard of Loren Eiseley till then and so, decided to check out his writings and that is how I ended up reading this book. A God-damned freak, and life is never going to be easy for you. Bringing poetic insight to scientific discipline, Eiseley makes connections between civilizations past and present, multiple universes, humankind, and nature. It’s convenient to write that somehow evolution has eiselfy will eiseoey its own or looks ahead, when that’s really not the way it works.

Loren Eiseley – The Immense Journey and others. The unconscious irony in his observation consists in the jourey that this man assumed the progress of science to have been so great that a clear vision of the world without illusion was, by his own time, possible.