Plik: Repetytorium Maturalne Longman Zdrowie Longman Repetytorium Maturalne Poziom rozszerzony. Książka. Sprawdziany repetytorium maturalne longman poziom rozszerzony chomikuj Odpowiedzi repetytorium maturalne longman chomikuj matura rozszerzona. LONGMAN Repetytorium maturalne z języka angielskiego – poziom rozszerzony ROZUMIENIE ZE SŁUCHU TRACK 11 Zadanie 1. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, zgodną z treścią nagrania. Zakreśl literę A, B.

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I mean, I feel very strongly that art shouldnt be locked away in galleries or bought and kept in peoples houses. My sister wants to come too. Say hi to everybody at home! When they are sixteen, pupils take their GCSE examinations. Did you need to buy anything in particular?

Longman repetytorium maturalne

He looks like hes doing his homework, or maybe hes studying for an exam. Student Come at five. Oxford University Press Nowa matura ustna Oxford Repetytorium Matura Podstawowa 27 2 Informacje o samopoczuciu w poprzednim tygodniu, o upodobaniach co do pogody i informacje o ogldanym programie w minionym tygodniu.

It was a fantastic game! When they are eighteen, they do A level examinations. French and Spanish are very widely spoken, too. How do you expect me to function without a mobile phone? Student How about this new Italian restaurant? Examiner But is dancing enough?


Oxford Repetytorium Matura Poziom Podstawowy , Odpowiedzi, Klucz

In the background, there is the sea and some land. One is that you dont have much room for yourself it seems very crowded. I still do a lot of copies of well-known portraits, and landscapes, too. Id like to pay this cheque into my account please. Turn left out of the hall and then left again.

She tidies her room, makes her bed and takes out the rubbish. Elaina So will you see all your family at Thanksgiving? Joanna The important thing to remember rozszrezony that exercise doesnt have to take very long just half an hour a day in ten minute bursts if necessary.

I never work on my birthday. I just wanted to tell you that Ive got flu. Then came the exciting part.

Repetytorium maturalne LONGMAN klucz – Angielski – haniusia04 –

For example, get up earlier than usual and go jogging, or go for walks at lunchtime, or buy an exercise bike and use it when youre watching your favourite TV programme in the evening. Examiner What do you think life is like for people who look after wildlife?


Where can I find leather handbags? We dont have a lot of money, so we often listen to music at home. They also have drinks and popcorn, which are things people often buy when they go matuealne the cinema. Shop assistant Yes, I think so. The other stand offers only ordinary vegetables like onions or matturalne so it would be difficult to make a whole meal out of them.

Longman repetytorium maturalne – Memrise

Luke Its fine, Elaina. Joanna Well, it is difficult. I worked on a summer camp once and I had to play basketball and go bungee jumping every day.

Speaker 5 There arent that many royal families in Europe now, are there? Examiner No, but it isnt raining. On the left of the reptytorium, there is a man sitting on a high chair. Ive changed my mind about it.

Its on the first floor. And he always wears T-shirts and jeans. Nie rozwija odpowiedzi na pytanie trzecie. Receptionist What time do you estimate you will check in on Friday evening?