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It made me think of the best works by John Gribbin that I had read many I think this is the most personal of Sacks’ books. His parents were ardent Zionist and he discussed his Jewish faith. Great fun romping inside the mind of Oliver Sacks as he reminisces of childhood days.

Sep 08, Julie rated it really liked it Shelves: At age 14 he decided he wanted to be a physician. He treats the history of chemistry as part of his own personal development, a series of joyful discoveries. Um Feliz Natal a todos os amantes de quadrinhos! Notwithstanding, it’s worth slogging through the esoteric parts of the book, if for nothing more than to gain an appreciation of this young man’s remarkable intellectual focus and his passion for knowledge.

He also learned to share his parents’ enthusiasm for medicine and entered The Queen’s College, Oxford University infrom which he received a Bachelor of Arts BA in physiology and biology in I read this as an audiobook downloaded from Audible.

Zio Tungsteno |

Aug 18, Lyn Elliott rated it really liked it Shelves: No sequence, Y; up-to-date collection scenery access! A nostalgic look at a family fueled by science and chemistry, Uncle Tungsten is a great and interesting read but it can be kind of slow at times if you’re not a science person.

Great for a beginning college Chemistry class – to get students to understand and get hooked on the world of Chemistry.


This is an odd book–part autobiography, part history of chemistry. When he reached atomic realms of the periodic table of elements and structure of atomic entities, I was quite lost.

Zio Tungsteno

This was a period which Oliver considered This is the very personal memoir of Dr. In this book he is the subject of his narrative and he manages to depict himself with the same grace and wit that uses to characterize others. Books by Oliver Sacks. To ask other readers questions about Uncle Tungstenplease sign up.

Anything Carl Barks or Don Rosa is the perfect escape! These days it’s easy for us to take things like the modern-day conception of a quantum atom for granted, but this book brings you back to a time when this was an amazing discovery and, more than that, tells you exactly This book was just as great on my second readthrough as it was on my first.

What’s perhaps even more compelling in Sacks’s story is his depiction of life before and during the war. Will I be confused or bored by this book?

Carl Barksknown for years only as ” the good duck artist ” because Disney didn’t allow artists to sign their work and his comics were so far superior in the ‘s to the ‘s that kids knew only to seek out his “good duck” work. Asteroid Oliversacks, discovered in and 2 miles 3. What strikes me as its most important quality is that it bears a restorative effect on those minds seeking to explain their own childhoods.

Quotes from Uncle Tungsten: There are no discussion topics on this book yet. I highly recommend this book to those who are well educated in the sciences, particularly chemistry.

Zio Tungsteno – download pdf or read online

Through Uncle Dave “Tungsten”, Sacks’s intellectual curiosity in chemistry was aroused. Some of his descriptions of chemical laws and processes are above my understanding; they made me aware of how much about chemistry I have forgotten, or, tungstsno likely, never knew.

I enjoyed this considerably more than The Man Who Mistook His Wife Tungstejo a Hatwhich partly just reflects my relative levels of interest in chemistry and neuroscience, but also reflects the way this book interleaves scientific and wartime memoir — the Second World War being a topic which interests me more than either of the above, at least from a pleasure-reading point of view.


So I was happy to see some snow today, the day before Christmas Eve. What makes his experience with chemistry so unique is that he seems to have learned it in the same order that it rungsteno discovered historically, allowing tungssteno to experience the awe and wonder of the new discoveries for himself, making his education far more enthralling than most people’s.

Catch the rest on my YouTube channel.

Thank you very much for your support during the year, and thank you for being fans of the Disney ducks! Imma write fantasy now! The book ends at adolescence. It’s the story of his boyhood during wartime Britain, and his experiences tungeteno both his multi-talented family, and his youthful love of science and chemistry. This book was just as great on my second readthrough as it was on my first.

As a young boy he experienced a profound excitement over the study of chemistry, which helped him cope with his own neuroses which had their origins in the brutal treatment tunvsteno and his brother Tunsteno received at a boys’ school that they attended during the early years of World War II.

If you are able to relax and not demand that you see what he saw through each of the experiments and tests he carried out, then maybe you will enjoy the book. Open Preview See a Problem?