Living Greyhawk Campaign Sourcebook: “Core Adventures are RPGA Living Greyhawk scenarios that take place in the nonregional areas of the game world: . Generally, Living Greyhawk modules were password-protected. These are not. If you also want the Adventure Record files, e-mail me and I’ll. Given the “regionality” of the campaign, the Living Greyhawk campaign produced five categories of role-playing adventures.

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A pair of gargoyles wake up one morning to find their wings missing, and contact the players to help recover them. Outcomes On Bright Sands.

Lost City of the Suloise. A shadow from the past, the Ghost Tower of Inverness has loomed ever larger in the mind of the great Seer of Urnst. Find the perilous Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth and you may gain the hidden wealth of the long-dead arch-mage — if you live! Unfortunately, someone sent some uninvited guests and it will be up to you and the Nasranite Watch to clear up the situation.


This labyrinthine crypt is filled with terrible traps, strange and ferocious monsters, rich and magical treasures, and somewhere within rests the evil Demi-Lich. Who skulks through the twisted shadows of the night? This product contains an page adventure booklet, a 48 -page illustration booklet, and a page map and inscription booklet.

White Plume Mountain is from the special “S” series; like others in the series, it is meant to stand on its own and is a complete Advanced Dungeon and Dragons adventure.

modyles Whispers on the Wind. TSR Lenard Lafofka. A Place to Call Home. During the s, a shared RPGA roleplaying campaign called Living City that used the Dungeons and Dragons 2nd edition rules had been relatively successful. In this case, the element is a small border fortress. After years of play, a specific character might accumulate dozens of ARs.


COR – Living Greyhawk Core Adventures | Series | RPGGeek

Burgred paid with his own head. He’s on an all-or-nothing quest for supremacy over the world-and the heavens beyond. Bravery is commonplace in these heroic times, but will bravery be enough morules liberate the ancient Keep of Alderweg and to thwart the dark forces which strive to cast down its ancient walls?

The hardy adventurers must find a way out, with only their wits and courage to help them. I have seen a few of them and not been ljving. The small peaceful town of Garrotten is rumored to be the headquarters of a deadly band of assassins.

Greyhawk Modules Online – Naerie Endures

And if the doors are opened, what then? Most Introductory scenarios did not allow any treasure or experience to be formalized into a Living Greyhawk character participant. The strength of Ahlissa rests in the hands of the Great Guildmaster and his formidable merchant vessels. This is cause for a celebration and all are invited. Amusingly, the Radoc in the final gazetteer houses at least three high-level former player characters. I love it to bits.

My first Naerie module and the only one I wrote alone. For this reason, most players simply made their characters’ home region the region that they physically lived in.

Screams echo in the night, the charred remnants of a village are mute by day.

Tenser and the Fortress of Unknown Depths. The scene was inspired by Kingdom of Heavenincidentally. We had plans for an adventure where Eremis would die of the myriad curses he managed to accumulate during his career, and the PCs would be left cleaning up the mess when a balor and a pit greyyawk would start duking it out in the middle of Radoc.


This module contains a challenging scenario, the tournament scoring system plus nine pre-rolled, playtested tournament characters. Into recognize the growth of the internet and an abundance of cheap long-distance telephone rates, the physical location rule was relaxed somewhat: Rich treasures both precious and magical fill the crypt, but in addition to the aforementioned guardians, some say a demilich still wards his final haunt.

Imagine a place of unspeakable evil. Villains that really are larger than life. The LG campaign differed from previous shared-world campaigns in one important respect: Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Alas, it was not to vreyhawk, and the only thing we have is this. When creating a character, the player had to choose a “home region” for it, which could be any one of the greyhzwk regions linked to a real-world location.

The battle against the slavers continues!

Living Greyhawk

TSR Robert J. Still, a good module, and I especially like the end fight at the lowest APL. Heart of the Wood holds a special place in my heart because it introduces the village of Falenthorpe, which later lent its name to the Naerie message boards.