se define inicialmente la línea de Hilgenreiner “H”, que se traza a través de los cartílagos triradiados; la línea de Perkins “P” es dibujada perpendicular a la H. The triradiate cartilage (in Latin cartilago ypsiloformis) is the ‘Y’-shaped epiphyseal plate of the pelvis with both Perkin’s line and Hilgenreiner’s line can help establish a diagnosis of developmental dysplasia of the hip. iliopubic eminence / iliopectineal line · linea terminalis · ischiopubic ramus / pubic arch; Foramina. Los movimientos que puede realizar la articulación coxofermoral son: Flexión: º; Extensión: 30º; Abducción: 45º; Aducción: 30º; Rotación.

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Het heupgewricht.

Thus, the right popliteal artery terminated into the anterior tibial artery and the enlarged peroneal artery. C Schoellner D Schoellner. No significant differences were noted in the lengths of the each portion of the distal radioulnar ligament among neutral position, wrist hyperextension, and hyper-radial extension.

It is linked to a fundamental division in biologic sciences: Methods We obtained computed tomography scans of the wrists for 12 volunteers including two hilgendeiner J Biomech Oct;32 Acta Chir Orthop Traumatol Cech ;68 3: We present two cases of IVC variation as an incidental finding in patients studied by means of CT scan for the gradation of kidney carcinoma and pancreatic cancer respectively.

Distance to the adjacent vertebra, the mandibular angle and medial side of the longus colli muscle were measured. Dissected specimens revealed the consistent morphological findings of the IObN. Methods Three-hundred and thirty-eight cadaveric axillae were dissected to evaluate the spatial relationship between axillary artery and the median nerve roots. No reliable operation method is as hilgerneiner available.

Initial stability of modular acetabular components. Minimum ten-year follow-up clinical and radiographic results of Mark I and Mark II Lord type femoral component in total hip arthroplasty.

The spatial location of impingement in total hip arthroplasty. Anatomical bases of sites of elevation Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy Acta Orthop Scand Suppl Aug; To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Awareness of the possible existence of such variations of the testicular arteries is of great importance during surgical procedures.


Atlas de Mediciones Radiologicas en TraumatologГ­a | Mauricio Vargas –

We report the presence of a prominent lateral costal artery, coursing below the diaphragm, discovered during video-assisted thorascopic surgery pneumothorax surgery and preventing parietal pleurectomy. In adult Thai mandibles, the truncated lingula shape is most common. There is a high concordance llinea the measured distances in panoramic radiography and dry mandibles. Shape of the lingula and its localization by panoramic radiograph versus dry mandibular measurement Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy Hilgehreiner study leads to better echographic understanding of the liver and to a tentative systematization essential to the localization of focal hepatic lesions.

One case with a history of Hand-Schuller-Christian disease has been reported in the English language literature.

Start a new search. In a prospective randomized trial, 62 consecutive primary cementless total hip arthroplasties in 55 patients were performed by one surgeon using either hydroxyapatite coated 35 hips or nonhydroxyapatite coated femoral prostheses 27 hips. There was connection between the deep peroneal nerve and the superficial peroneal nerve in 10 specimens The Frank Stinchfield Award: We report 5 cases of severe failure of the polyethylene liner at 4 to 7.

This study was undertaken to provide a basis for decision-making when a well-fixed cemented cup is encountered at the time of a revision of a femoral component of a total hip replacement. The triangular region and the soft tissue landmarks we offered in this study may facilitate prediction of the locations of the infraorbital foramen thus, the infraorbital nerve.

This work paved the way for the designing of new non-constrained elbow prosthesis with the reconstruction of the radial head. Thus use of these fascicles destined for the flexor digitorum profundus, identified by intra-operative nerve stimulation, at the level of the arm would be sufficient for neurotisation of the nerve to the biceps.

The distances between the exit points and boundaries of the suprapatellar bursa at three different degrees of knee flexion were measured. The atypical anastomosis called corona mortis is also at risk while performing the approach to pubic bone. De presentatie wordt gedownload. Anatomic study of the first extensor compartment and the relationship between the extensor tendon width and its distal insertion Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy This study also shows that this new technique may increase the risk of incomplete tumor resection.

The aim of this study is to suggest an anatomic study of the modifications of the length of the anterior cruciate ligament ACL and its bundles during flexion with the aid of a 3D computerized model of the knee in a living subject. Furthermore the lateral calcanear artery can clinically serve as a vascular pedicle for a local rotational skin flap to cover soft tissue defects of the heel.


To identify risk factors for luxation after canine total hip replacement THR. Coracobrachialis muscle can have variant origin related to its embryogenesis with its clinical and surgical significance. The mean thickness of the polyethylene liner was The length, breadth, thickness and volume of each gland were measured and tabulated in terms of age.

Aging of muscular arteries results in thickening of the intima, which becomes fibrotic due to migration of myocytes from the media and duplication of the internal elastic lamina. Computer-based sessions in radiological anatomy: Proposed three-dimensional model of the orbit and relevance to orbital fracture repair Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy Age was an independent predictor of the increased volume of the mesentery and the length of the SMA.

The coordinated work of the internal and external layers of the anal and urethral sphincter is probably mediated by multiple roles regulation. The objective of this study was to provide the morphological details on small branches of the portal vein in transverse groove of hepatic hilum.

By means of the method after Ranawat and Pagnan they determine the ideal centre of the rotation of the hip join and the so called TAR-true acetabular region. Additionally, minimally invasive incision technique was measured from musculotendinous junction of FHL to the first interphalangeal joint.

Show all 7 Post to Citeulike 27 Citations Neuropathic perineal pains are generally linked to suffering of the pudendal nerve. In relation to these sulci, we hilgenrenier described the surface anatomy and nominated landmarks of the medial parahippocampal and lingual and lateral fusiform occipitotemporal gyri.

Immuno-histological study with 3D reconstruction Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy