Creating a new survey. Presentation and Navigation Tab. Format: A drop down box that allows you to choose either: Question by Question: Survey will display. May 4, Part of this tutorial was adapted from a tutorial by LimeSurvey. See its complete version at: ?page. LimeSurvey (formerly PHPSurveyor) is a free and open source on-line survey application written in PHP based on a MySQL, PostgreSQL or MSSQL database, .

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You will need to double click on the title for the section to open. A survey includes via different interconnected databases: Once the notification is sent, participants will start responding to the survey. Let’s go to the Limesurvey administrative interface. Automatically load URL when survey complete: Often a survey participant will not type his own name.

Question Types links to other documents. If you look at the screen that tutoriall after you saved the first question group, then you will note yet another circled plus iconthe third one. Bootstrap is a free and open-source front-end web framework for designing websites and web applications. To keep a backup copy on your personal computer. Select how the date should be displayed in the survey and the survey results.

The A dd a new question page will open.

LimeSurvey User Guide : Survey Solutions : University of Vermont

If you want to have ‘ Good ‘ and ‘ Evil ‘ on the left and right of the row just write ” Good Evil ” into the answer field: The list type of question allows to present single questions using the same answers, but each question is displayed individually also in terms of design.


For questions groups, this setting is in the main settings page. Such special logins are called tokens in Limesurvey. Choose a template from the list; notice that you will get a preview of that template. If set to 3the user will only be able to submit the surveys form if they have selected at least three check-boxes. A total of 15 would not be acceptable. Having the answers display randomly is useful to remove the possibility of bias from answers to questions.

Limesurvey is made for scientific use. The two options available are using a matrix organized by rows or columns. If it has been already chosen from the global settings by the superadministrator to have the “no answer” option displayed, then the Show “No answer” of the local survey field becomes non-selectable because the global settings trump the survey settings idem for the Off case.


This is only necessary in SPSS. Same as above, only here the orientation is different.

A survey copy summary will be displayed:. Add a question asking the participants age.

To get an overview of all your surveys, click on the Surveys button located on the toolbar of LimeSurvey home page:. U – Huge free text.

LimeSurvey Tutorial

Go back to the question about marriage. This tutorial will only briefly look at the problem of data analysis. There are some additional unordered lessons which you can access from the menu bar on the left. This will export all the groups, questions, answers and conditions of your survey into a standard CSV file. For more details about this attribute, check the “Questions Attributes in LimeSurvey ” book. That you are no longer close to anyone?


LimeSurvey | Website tutorials

For more details, liesurvey our wiki section on how to export a survey structure. Make sure that your name center and university number top left are correct. Once you are done creating a Survey, you can download a backup of it on your computer.

These questions are grouped in question groups. To set a dropdown box starting at the number 1, and going to 10; set this attribute to The import function “intelligently” re-numbers the survey, groups, questions, answers, and condition IDs so that they all match each other.

It is time to send notifications to the participants, inviting them to take the survey. Enter a specific email address ie: Array 5 Point Choice Question Code: How you would describe your marriage? If you wish to help, join us on IRC and give us a hand with the code or else donate to help the core LimeSurvey development group.

That there are people who really understand you? This attribute takes a char that will be considered by LimeSurvey as a category separator in answers. Array 5 point choice.

To add a new survey group, click on the Create a new survey group button located above the survey groups list. A further option available with Arrays is the Semantic Differential. That was the last lesson of this beginner tutorial. Rate these limfsurvey on a scale of 1 to 5.