Masterworks of Chassidic Philosophy, Torah Or & Likkutei Torah Dedicated in memory of my revered father and teacher (ob”m), Reb Menachem Mendel ben. A classic of early Chasidic literature, Likkutei Torah Includes discourses on the Torah portions of Beshalach, Pikudei, the Books of Vayikra, Bamidbar, Devarim. It has been the custom for Chasidim to study the discourses in Torah Or and Likkutei Torah, affectionately known as the Chasidic Parsha, weekly and at festival.

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Vayeavek Ish Imo — If everything comes from G-d, how can “evil” exist? It torag printed likuteii Zhitomir, after informers had the government close the print shop in Kopust where Torah Or was printed. Vayachp’ru Avdei Yitzchok — Mitzvos throughout the day access the spirituality developed at morning prayer. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Vayashkeim Lavan Baboker — Morning prayers elicit G-d’s willingness to allow mortals to relate to Him; only then is any worship possible. Es Shabsosai Tishmoru — What is achieved by the soul’s descent into this world; G-d’s immanence and transcendence; lower-order Shabbos and higher-order Shabbos; the Messianic “Future to Come”.

Superiority of negative mitzvos over positive mitzvos; “mishkan” corresponds to positive mitzvos, “mishkan ha’eidus” to negative mitzvos; insights into Passover matzah, daily prayer and their relation to the above.

The first part, Torah Orwas first printed in in Kopust, with treatises, most of them from through the end ofcovering Genesis and Exodusthe first two books of the Pentateuchwith several discourses on Shavuot and Pesach.

Likkutei Torah – Alter Rebbe

R’ei and Elul 1: V’hadarta P’nei Zakein — a translation. Ner Chanukah Mitzvah L’Hanicha: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A profound and far-reaching discourse which the Tzemach Tzedek called simply “the Purim discourse” because its subject expresses the central theme of Purim.


Views Read Edit View history. Another English adaption of the Mamarim was published in by Rabbi Yaakov Goldstein, director of shulchanaruchharav. The treatises are classic texts of Chabad philosophy arranged according to the Weekly Torah portionand are studied regularly by Chabad Chassidim.

Selections From Torah Ohr & Likkutei Torah Festivals #2

Books with missing cover. Ha’azinu — “T’shuva” as “return” or elevation of the soul to its spiritual source: Jewish mysticismChabad philosophy.

Accessed April 4, The work was published originally in two parts. To download a free Adobe Acrobat reader, go to www. Erda Na — G-d’s knowledge of the world; the “mechanics” of reward and punishment.

Likutei Torah/Torah Or – Wikipedia

You can read full texts or download Ma’amarim by clicking on the links torag. Dirah Betachtonim Seder hishtalshelus. The main goal is for the reader to receive the content knowledge of the most fundamental Mamarim written by the Alter Yorah, and for him to be given the tools for how to implement this knowledge within his daily life.

Please learn these Ma’amarim for the refuah sh’leimah complete and immediate recovery of: Kol HaOver Lkkutei HaPkudim — Two levels of love for G-d; likuteo cannot all achieve the second, but the first is the uniform, minimum requirement of every Jew. Accessed April 3, This page was last edited on 23 Marchat The adapted English edition translates and elucidates selected treatises from Torah Orthe edition includes treatises from Lekutei Torah.

The Ma’amarim are arranged by weekly Torah portion. Retrieved from ” https: Vayakhel Moshe — Significance of Shabbos, and the order of its mention, in relation to the coverings and vessels of the Tabernacle; spiritual effects of Torah study and mitzvah performance and how these are symbolized by the Tabernacle.


Selections From Torah Ohr & Likkutei Torah Festivals #

Please learn these Ma’amarim for the refuah lkkutei complete and immediate recovery of:. Chayav Inash Livsumei 2: Va’achaltem Achol — Mystical significance of sacrifices; special role of Aaron and his descendants; a fundamental truth about the nature of souls and their refinement in the Messianic era.

Tachas Asher Lo Avad’ta: Mayim Toorah Lo Yuchlu L’Chabos — Inspiration for those whose struggle to earn a livelihood threatens to interfere with their spiritual pursuits. Which is superior, this life or the next? R’ei and Elul 2: Chabad-Lubavitch texts Likhtei literature. Despite initial reluctance, Rabbi Menachem Mendel published his grandfather’s teachings together with his own brief notes on various treatises, after the Alter Rebbe, his grandfather, reportedly appeared to him and his three sons in a dream, asking them to publish the glosses and comments.

Each Mamar concludes with a lessons box that summarizes the practical life lessons that we can derive from the Mamar. Also included are interesting parables that we find easy to relate to and help us to digest the content being studied, and internalize it. The Mamarim are not a direct translation of the Hebrew original, but rather a content summary of the Mamar.

Each Parsha features a single selected Mamar from amongst the many Mamarim that are printed in the Hebrew original, giving the reader a taste and glimpse of the full content of this monumental work.