After the groundbreaking decision1 from the Constitutional Council of France, last month against the three strikes law adopted in May, the. Demonstrations and protests against the Haute Autorité pour la diffusion des œuvres et la protection des droits sur internet (HADOPI) law. 1 reference. But the correct inferences to draw are that HADOPI and Ley Sinde are just an expensive waste of time, and that people don’t expect to get.

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This is, after all, precisely what we and everyone else have been predicting: The transformation of the Digital Canon took place in parallel with the Law Sinde: These three members are experts of Do you need professional PDFs? It is often argued that ultimately the nation—state is the main motor for public policy, in spite processes of globalisation.

December 23rd – 29th 9 Friday It leaves up to the National Authority the choice of form and methods to achieve these goals. Public records included legal texts, parliamentary debates and drafts of the law and shared with stakeholders before the final draft was approved by the Spanish Do you need professional PDFs? Last week, Techdirt reported on the news that falling numbers of P2P users are being trumpeted as a victory for HADOPI’s “three strikes” approach in France, but that it is a hollow victory, since sales of recorded music are still dropping in that country.

HADOPI May Be Succeeding — In Driving French Customers To Dotcom’s Mega

The law passed without political alliances, discussion or negotiation in December and came into force in March Sign up for free news alerts. National industrial Austria alliances, and in this case the music and film industries of the U.

I don’t see how this would be connected, Mega is just a cloud backup service like Dropbox or Skydrive. While it initially favored the law voted yes in the Senate’s first readingit was chiefly responsible for the surprise rejection of the bill after the hsdopi reading in the National Assembly, as well as requesting the Constitutional Council ‘s ruling.

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Most of the people who worked on Game Of Thrones got paid standard haddopi, one-off rates for their work at the time of production and will not be entitled to any future royalties.


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HADOPI May Be Succeeding — In Driving French Customers To Dotcom’s Mega | Techdirt

Ley Sinde continues to face strong opposition among the Hadopj public as of February The Pirate Party France although not represented in the legislative chambers also campaigned against the law. From tothis report referred to Spain as one of the countries of concern. Because it’s shitty law that inhibits potential monetisation of content, both legitimate and otherwise? Italy, Greece, and Spain.

So it is even dubious that the Constitutional Council would consider this new sanction as a mere fine.

Retrieved March 21, No really, it’s a complete and utter success. Is that really too much to ask? Spanish law Computing legislation Copyright enforcement Internet in Spain. Fraudulent uses of IP addresses are widespread and no security software can protect an internet access from being hacked; Researchers from the University of Washington have shown that identifying copyrights infringers based on IP addresses collected through peer-to-peer websites monitoring was an extremely precarious method 9.

However, in its decision on HADOPI hadoip the Constitutional Council also contended that such presumption of guilt could only be acceptable if the penalty was not higher than a fine, and on the condition that:. The Spanish case is of particular interest because it combines hadopo a public policy level, both the formal and informal dimensions of influencing its direction, as well as because the controversial changes it generated are situated firmly within broader IP policies of a global scale.

ISPs are going to court, unhappy with the measure that might include passing on information leg their clients and eventually suspending their Internet access. Failures by Glyn Moody Tue, Feb 19th 9: This levy allowed the copying of copyrighted material for private use in exchange of a levy on products and devices needed for the reproduction of copyrighted works. Beyond that, the particular scholarly exploration of policy laundering phenomena in media governance and its effects on democracy began only recently Sarikakis, b.

Anonymous Coward19 Feb 3: Section two of the Commission of Intellectual Property safeguards the rights of intellectual property against unlawful profit making or harmful behaviour Article This paper has showed that complexity is the rule in contemporary public policy—making, especially in fields of immense global political and hafopi significance, such as IP.

Maybe because it cost 70 millions of euros to get this crap on, while every web expert predicted the obvious fail of it. They may be unilateral trade sanctions imposed by the U. It is also worth noting that not only would the judge receive statements from an executive agency but would also rely on the latter to enforce their decisions.

  A080SN01 V3 PDF

Debate included accusations of dubious tactics made against the promoters of the bill.

France’s HADOPI 2 Passes

The French case is similar: By continuing to read our website, we assume you agree to this, otherwise you can adjust your browser settings. The second change, the Law of Intellectual Property, consists of the establishment of the Commission of Intellectual Property, an executive body dependant of the Ministry of Culture and ratified by the Ministries of Economy and of Free Concurrence. About the authors Katharine Sarikakis, Ph. In the field of IP, we have witnessed social mobilisation at a global scale against national and international policy initiatives, partly due to their secretive process.

Charges based on worthless proofs The proposed bill gives the HADOPI powers of judicial police that give the executive agency the ability to make statements of alleged copyright infringements through the collection of IP address on peer-to-peer networks.

The service suspension did not, however, interrupt billing, and the offending subscriber was liable to meet any charges or costs resulting from the service termination. Have you tried Mega?

As an experiment to prove that it can stop piracy, yes, it failed, as an experiment to prove that people will go back to the labels in droves, it also failed Follow me glynmoody on Twitter or identi. Our paper is based on the study of a specific case of law reform in which we seek to identify and situate entities actorsactions and historical context, so that meaningful explanatory accounts can be given.

Three types of documents were consulted and analysed: One of them is President of the Section Article 3. key

Dionaea profile19 Feb 1: Yet, it is because of these mobilisations that publicity was generated about the case that made documentation available and crucial to the study of the case.