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Decreto Supremo de 24 de mayo de elevado a ley el 8 de diciembre de por el de 2 de agosto de , ley general de higiene, seguridad . Se exceptúan del período de prueba previsto en el artículo 13 de la ley general del trabajo de 2 de agosto de , ley general de higiene, seguridad. General Labour Act (Ley General del Trabajo), of 8 December , published by . 16, on hygiene, occupational safety and wellbeing §8.

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Act of 5 December to amend the Act on Higher Education. Defines general strategic aims and directions for training and education, role of institutional structures, including the Ministry of Education, lifelong learning, and labour market. ILO is a specialized agency of the United Nations.

Amends inter alia article 7 on public information, article 9 on network of health institutions, article 36 on primary health care, article 41 and 42 on definition of health institutions, articles60, 63 and 67 on different types of health institutions, article on health inspections.

Law of 30 October on establishing a Council for pre-school and school education Text No.

Act of on the employees’ council. Determines conditions and procedure for entry, visa regime, travel documents, stay, leave, supervision, competence of government bodies.

Act of 30 August on protection of the environment. Act of 21 December on internal and maritime navigation Text No. Specifies the percentage of salary increase for specific conditions of work overtime, night time, and during holidays.


1998 a number of amendments, including article 41 on types of punishment, article 43 on prison service, article 54 1 on trial for several criminal offences, and article 76 on security measures. Act of 23 July on combatting corruption and organized crime. Act of 25 December to amend and supplement the Act on public service in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Also contains provisions on the rights of victims, health 1698, repatriation procedures, and special protection for children.

Amends inter alia article 16 on court procedure, article 61 on procedure for resolving disputed legal issues, article on appeal court, article on European Court of Human Rights, and supplement new heading XXX on complaints for protection of collective interests.

Transitional and final provisions. Act of May 1st elevating to Law rank: Act of 5 December amending the Act on adult education. Specifies conditions for health institutions, criteria for determining health conditions and working ability of exposed workers, medical register.

We update the database regularly but are unable to guarantee that the laws it contains are always complete, lfy and the most recent version. Act of 17 September to amend and supplement the Act on professional rehabilitation and employment of disabled persons. Bosnia y Herzegovina – – Ley Act No. Act of 27 April to amend and supplement the Act on the application of penal sanctions, detention and other measures Text No.

Bolivia – Maternity protection – 2011

Act of 19 March to amend and supplement the Act on pension and disability insurance. Act of 18 May to amend and supplement the Penal Code. Amends article 30 on amount of lwy penalty, article 42 on refusal to pay the penalty, and other minor amendments.

  AFI 10-2501 PDF

Act of 11 March on employment of foreign citizens and persons without citizenship. Contains a number of small amendments, including part 4 on prohibition measures, and article on detention.

Decreto Supremo de 24 de mayo de elevado a ley el 8 de diciembre de por el que se dicta la Ley General del Trabajo. Amends article 8 on judges, article 10 on arbitration, article 74 on confiscating objects planned to be used in criminal activities, article on international people trafficking, article on smuggling of migrants, article on torture, and ,ey on bribe.

Act of 8 July on Higher Education.

Results list of Browse by country – NATLEX

Decision on the Minimum Wage, Act of 3 July on protection of persons reporting corruption Official Gazette No. Act of 23 December on war veterans, war disabled and members of families of lfy killed in the war to defend the homeland. Amends article on penal provisions for assistance in criminal and terrorist activities.

Amends article 14 on agricultural workers, articles 83, 84 and 85 on determining the amount of pension. Contains minor amendments to a number of articles. Act of 14 October amending the Act on Offences.