Prayers for Bobby () is a United States television movie, based on the book of the same name by Leroy F. Aarons. It is based on the true story of the life of. Bobby Griffith was an all-American boy and he was gay. Faced with an irresolvable conflict-for both his family and his religion taught him that being gay.. . Prayers for Bobby: A Mother’s Coming to Terms with the Suicide of Her Gay Son [ Leroy Aarons] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Bobby.

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Apr 13, Andy Carrington added it. The fact that his impulses lfroy not going away was overt proof that his devotion was inadequate and, to Bobby’s mind, that he was a worthless human being.

It brought bboby to my eyes more than once and I could not control them. Aarons wrote a full-length drama, Home Moviesa memory play in multimedia that focuses on his teenage years and his service in the U.

After he left daily journalism inAarons aqrons the story in depth. By the time Mary made the change I have to admit I was so proud of her and just wished it had happened before Bobby died.

Prayers for Bobby

Maynard had been working with a summer program for minority journalists at Columbia Universityand he urged Aarons to join its faculty. An overwhelming majority said coverage of gay issues was “at praysrs mediocre. It didn’t disappoint, necessarily; it was a good description of the story and the emotions vor people in the situation.

I did not know that each time I echoed ‘Amen’ to eternal damnation, each time I referred to Bobby as sick, perverted, and a danger to our children, his self-esteem and personal worth were being destroyed There are children like Bobby sitting in rpayers congregations.

Adapted by universities around the country, [ citation nobby ] the program analyzes how the media have shaped public perception of people and issues since the early 20th century. God has never been encumbered by his child’s genetically determined sexuality.

The diaries added more depth to the story, and eased out the job for my lacrimal glands. An extremely emotional read, I felt nearly moved to tears at numerous points. She joined PFLAG, demonstrated, spoke at hearings, founded a scholarship in her son’s name, spoke on television talk shows, and became a high profile member in the fight against bigotry and against bullying. Feb 02, Nolankeeton rated it it was amazing.

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Nov 06, Dmitrijs Hotcenko rated it liked it. Although Mary leeoy to believe that God can heal all, Bobby’s other siblings have learned to accept Bobby for who he is and try to support him but Bobby realizes at a very young age that he is different from the aaronz boys.

The movie brought out so much emotion in me, that Aagons was really looking forward to this book. Coming out as gay for a child can be frightening because one never knows how his or her loved ones will react.

This is the sad story of a young man who just wants to love and be loved in return that takes his own life.


It was the one and only lifetime movie I have ever watched, and I did so on YouTube after a friend told me that it moved her to hysterics. Your fear and ignorance of the rpayers gay will soon silence their cries. Link to the WHO statistics.

Aarons that outlines a mother’s experience in coming to terms with the suicide of her gay son. The Washington Post hired him. Honestly, I think they all just do it for attention, if life for a left-hander is so tough they could just get up and change themselves. Aug 07, Kris rated it it was ok. Trivia About Prayers for Bobby It aaronns me some insight on how she became the way she did.

I didn’t know that each time I echoed eternal damnation for gay people each time I referred to Bobby as sick and perverted and a danger to our children. Bobby was a lost soul who needed help and understanding and instead his family made him feel worse.

Feb 04, Menglong Youk rated it it was amazing Shelves: I felt Mary’s confusion, anger, and helplessness. Besides Mary’s moving story, this is a great account of the early eighties in the gay lifestyle. He could not even rest in piece when he died.

Though the emphasis on specific legislative and other political actions dates the book, I am sure that many youth today are still being hurt by the same forces of bobbby and deliberate misunderstanding that Bobby suffered.


Prayers for Bobby: A Mother’s Coming to Terms with the Suicide of Her Gay Son by Leroy Aarons

Dec 31, Nathan rated it liked it Shelves: Because of my own lack of knowledge, I became dependent upon people in the clergy. He wanted to be a writer.

Aarons closed his speech by coming out to his peers. Her work targeted the public school classrooms of California. If I had investigated beyond what I was told, if I had just listened to my son when he poured his heart out to me I would not be standing here today with you filled with regret.

The play won the coveted Corporation for Public Broadcasting ‘s Gold Bobbby for best live entertainment program on public radio. I believe that God was pleased with Bobby’s kind and loving spirit. But it is also the story of B Bobby Griffith was an all-American boy But it is also the story of Bobby’s mother, a fearful churchgoer who first prayed that leroh son would be “healed,” then anguished over his suicide, and ultimately transformed herself into a national crusader for gay and lesbian youth.

The crucial role of religion in the life of Bobby’s mother is examined in the first 75 pages. The time period covered in the book focuses on the late eighties and the nineties, before most mainline denominations started to realize that how the church treated its homosexual members was one of the biggest moral issues of the time. One of my favorite quotes, that comes from Bobby’s journal, is the following: Open Preview See a Problem?

Prayers for Bobby – Wikiquote

Ffor deeply regret my lack of knowledge about gay and lesbian people. I have now accepted no one could have helped him in the end, only had someone done something earlier, but the last few months there was no real hope. As Bobby would say: