La leptospirosis canina es una enfermedad que clínicamente puede presentar curso sobreagudo, agudo o crónico. Es de difícil diagnóstico por la gran variedad . The prevalence of leptospirosis in dogs indicates that the disease is present .. Caballero A. Leptospirosis canina y su relación con el hombre. INFORME BREVE. Genotypes of Leptospira spp. strains isolated from dogs in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Genotipos de cepas de Leptospira spp. aisladas de.

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J Am Vet Med Asosc. Veterinary epidemiology an introduction.

Laboratory testing is essential for the diagnosis, however, it is complicated due to the need to discriminate between Leptospira infection in animals with clinical disease from leptospiral specific antibody responses in maintenance hosts, or in animals with subclinical infection.

Historically, leptospirosis was recognised as a disease of dogs before it was know in any other animal species, including humans Faine It has been suggested that a MAT titre of 1: Leptospires are susceptible to UV radiation, desiccation and routine disinfectants Sykes et al Prevalence leptospirksis feline leptospirosis: J Am Vet Med Assoc Seroprevalence and risk factors associated with leptospirosis in dogs. Emerging diseases, zoonoses and vaccines leotospirosis control them.

Veterinaria México OA

Enfermedades infecciosas del perro y el gato. Zavitsanou A, F Babatsikou. Given the specific response to a serovar, the heterologous protection of the current vaccines is incomplete Greene and Schultz The severity of clinical signs depends on the age and immune-competence of the animal, the serovar involved and the virulence of the bacteria.

Epidemiological features of infection through Leptospira spp in domestic cats Felis catus apparently healthy within the metropolitan area of Goiania, Brazil. La rata y el perro importantes vectores de la leptospirosis en explotaciones pecuarias de Cd.


Clinical and epidemiological features of canine leptospirosis in North Queensland.

Int J Zoon 11, Investigations on the presence of Leptospira antibodies in domestic cats will be useful for monitoring of the health of companion animals and to expand the knowledge of the disease Parreira et al Each geographic area is characterised by the serotypes serogroups, serovars determined by the ecology of the area Acha and Szyfresand both the prevalence of the disease and distribution of serovars vary between different countries, and even between regions within a country.

The MAT panel for cannia leptospirosis should include serovars known to be circulating in the local leptoospirosis population Sykes et al Dogs that recover from leptospirosis may leptkspirosis permanent renal dysfunctions that require life-long therapy. Can J Vet Res. Elsevier Academic Press, Inc; Each of the diagnostic procedures for detection of leptospires or for antibodies against them has a number of advantages and disadvantages.

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Direct culture of the organism from blood or urine samples is the gold standard for the diagnosis of leptospirosis Goldstein A study carried out in Switzerland on 91 people from the professional staff of a veterinary hospital, who had been exposed to dogs with acute leptospirosis, reported no seroreactivity to the infection suggesting that zoonotic transmission could be uncommon when preventive measures for the handling of infected animals are taken Barmettler et al Am J Vet Res.

In these species the infection is associated with high antibody titres and a short or negligible renal carrier state BolinGuerra J Vet Intern Med 25, To determine the seroprevalence and main risk factors associated with serovars of Leptospira in dogs from Culiacan, Sinaloa, we obtained serum samples from dogs. Futhermore, owners should be advised that if their pet is infected, they should avoid contact with urine, feces or saliva, they should wear protective clothing, clean surfaces that may be contaminated and they have to make ensure that their pets receives the full course of antibiotic treatment Brown and Prescott Pathology of domestic animals.


Vet World 6, Iran J Microbiol 1, J Vet Intern Med. In cats, there is very little information about leptospirosis, particularly of the specific disease characteristics, the clinical utility of diagnostic tests and treatment options. Stray dogs that roam free in cities are especially important in the transmission of infection Batista et alSontas et al because of the potential contact with infected canines or rodents.

Some of the Leptospira serovars found in canines, in vanina surveys carried out in different countries worldwide, are listed in the table 2. The risk of ocupational transmission of Leptospira has been well documented among large animal practitioners but less among small animal veterinarians Baer et al Pathogenic leptospires do not multiply outside the host, therefore, to produce an outbreak of leptospirosis is necessary the presence of carrier animals and favorable conditions for the survival of the bacteria in the environment Acha and Szyfres PCR tends to replace serological methods because of its sensitivity and capacity to give an early diagnosis of leptospirosis Picardeau