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The primary boom is next. Two double-bent liftarms keeps the axle in place. Four out of five axles are steered in this model. It’s a great set and one of the first with a 3 piece boom. This cage will hold the turntable in place. Some decorational bricks along the sides before Wheels are added. Two pneumatic hoses are joined to simultaneously apply pressure to both.

Great Crane, the only issue I have is the string is too thick and keeps catch when wound up. The changeover catch is connected to a 20T bevel gear. In comparison, the has steps for its pieces, giving a ratio of 3 pieces per step.

I’ll give it an overall score of 8.

LEGO SET 8421-1 – Mobile Crane

Sign in Already have an account? Placed here along with some decorational “Vehicle Grilles”. Okay, let’s start building, the chassis is first, comprised of liftarms and pins. The seconday boom is next. Same 4821 on the other side. Two “Black Plate, Modified 2 x 2 with Pin Hole” are placed, and fastened with two yellow 9 beams to keep the boom from prying apart under pressure. Posted September 1, Two strings with studs are attached on the far side of the secondary boom.


Finished the base, it’s quite big.

Next is the cocpit. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. You can see how the winch line will go through the two perpendicular axle and pin connectors. Posted November 16, In addition, I add in pneumatic tubes to close off the circuit the set already comes with an extra t-pieceto smoothen the descent of the crane arm.

I see you used 8241 original one, is that all the time or just for the review?

Customer Service

The roof is mainly made of axles and liftarms. Thanks for the review!

8241 January 23, Posted September 2, These knobwheels are later connected to the outriggers. If you liked the review, give me some feedback, otherwise, vote on the poll.

LEGO Mobile Crane

I made a small montage of the set using Legp figs. I have not seen this in any other set, and it indicates that you could build whichever module you want first.

The lower handle controls the changeover catch. Maybe in the future I will change the string on all my sets. I guess the kids have gotten dumber with time.


I’ve not replaced the string. This rack fixes the 32L axle in place, and a thin triangle liftarm secures the end of the boom. Another gear rack is made to extend the driveshaft and steering rack. The battery box serves as a counterweight in this set. I have been trying other strings to get a better fit. Share this post Link to post Share on oego sites. I voted Very Good. You can see the yellow 3L pins with stop bush that keeps it in place. Crane finished, now all that remains is the hook.

I think this is a great model, with lots of functions and parts. If I apply a lot of force to the string, it winds up well enough. This is the chassis at step 8.

Two 15L beams is the base for the drivers cabin. Here, I always use a standard 24T gear instead; this makes the crane able to lift much heavier weight. And this thread is 3 years old! Posted September 1, edited. The engine is a standard Technic 6-cylinder V. However, despite it being much bigger thanI actually prefer the older crane. A turntable is placed underneath, and locked with a 15L beam.