Le Passe-Muraille is the title of a story by Marcel Aymé about a man named Dutilleul who discovers that he can (you guessed it) walk through walls. The statue is. After a year then, he still retained the ability to pass through walls, but he .. Statue of le Passe-Muraille by Jean Marais, Place Marcel Aymé, Montmartre ( Paris). Marcel Aymé was a French novelist, children’s writer, humour writer, screenwriter and theatre playwright. His writings include The Man Who Walked Through.

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He boldly followed her into a dairy, and while she was waiting in line, he told her that he loved her respectfully and that he knew about everything—the cruel husband, the locked door and the shutters—but that he would be in her bedroom that very night. It looked over its pince-nez glasses at him with deepest hatred. You should go to the mill “Moulin de la galette” more far, witness of “Belle Epoque”.

Every morning at the Ministry of Registration, he took great pleasure listening to his colleagues discuss his exploits of the night before.

The passer-through-walls

Views Read Edit View history. After two weeks of this treatment M. Far marfel serious however, was his plan to introduce far-reaching reforms in the office; they seemed specially designed to disturb the oasse of his subordinate. He was careful to move only partway through the wall, so that just his head emerged on the other side.

Reviewed September pasde, Curious Art. It ends with the lead character getting stuck in a wall. Unfortunately, Dutilleul learned from Gen Paul that this beauty was married to a violently jealous man; moreover, he led a rough-and-tumble existence on the streets of Paris and spent his nights on the town. A few of them were so carried away with remorse and admiration that they tried to get their hands on the wallets or heirloom watches of their friends and acquaintances.

In winter he would take the bus to work, and come summer he would walk, wearing his bowler hat. But, ironically, the drastic transformation simply consists of changing the four elements the narrator used earlier on in the story to identify the character: Reviewed July 4, Just One sculpture. Now, surprisingly and ironically, “sanguinary thoughts” pop into Dutilleul’s mind, and in a facetious manner Dutilleul sticks his head through the wall of the little room where he has been relegated as a punishment for his murraille so that he appears in M.


After a year then, he still retained the ability to pass through walls, but he never used it intentionally; he had little interest in adventures marel he stubbornly resisted the impulses of his imagination. There was an unmet demand inside him, a new, urgent need, which was none other than the need to walk through walls. Eiffel Tower Tour and Summit Tour guide told that you can take his hand and make a wish. A man coming out of a wall, it is indeed a curious murraille piece and the object of many photographers.

Dutilleul believed that by giving up his freedom, he was giving in to a prideful desire for revenge. Made by the artist Jean Moiras based on a Dutilleul became murai,le good at this game, and he no longer contented himself with shouting abuse at the associate director.

The Passe-Muraille (Walker-Through-Walls) – Histories of Montmartre

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Nearby Restaurants See all 19, nearby restaurants. Is this attraction a hidden gem or off-the-beaten path?

It’s a nice statue but nothing historical there. Only the painter Gen Paul, who would never fail to notice any sudden change in the countenance of a longtime neighbor, finally unraveled his true identity. However, a new manager arrived at his office and began to make his job unbearable.

No pasee had he sat down then the pass reappeared on the wall. The pills Dutilleul had thought were aspirin were, in fact, the medicine his doctor had prescribed for him a year earlier. However macel and horrifying, the ending is treated in the same matter-of-fact manner encountered at the beginning.

This is the second time I visited this statue and was not disappointed. But a man possessed of brilliant gifts cannot satisfy himself for long by exercising them on a mediocre subject. This amazingly rapid transformation of Dutilleul into a burglar adds a new dimension to the world of the narration and to the satire. The crisis is such that Dutilleul ends up brooding over it for “as much as a quarter of an hour” before going to sleep.


Not only is the whole Parisian population now in awe of his exploits, but any woman “with romance in her heart” lusts for him. His headache went away, but later that night, as he was leaving his lover’s house, mueaille noticed a feeling of resistance as he was passing through the walls. Previous Next 1 2 3. This quick shift to the supernatural, done in a very matter-of-fact manner and combined with Dutilleul’s lack of reaction to his “special aptitude,” gives a dimension of reality to the story.

He rose from his chair and entered the wall which separated his office from that of the associate director. He settled into a small apartment in Avenue Junot; he had moved some of his furniture there along with his most prized possessions long before his first arrest.

Reviewed May 9, A statue based on a character in a French short story.

The passer-through-walls – Wikipedia

He was put in prison, but used his ability to frustrate his jailers and repeatedly escape. He meets his fate, however, in the person of a passse blond who is immediately seduced by him since “nothing stirs the imagination of the young women of the present day more than plus-fours and horn-rimmed spectacles.

In the course of a single day, the dreaded head reappeared on the wall twenty-three times, and it kept up the same pace over the following days. In search of a cure he consulted a doctor, who prescribed intensive work and a medicine.