Laurence Austine Waddell was awarded an honorary degree of LLD in , the reason for his award being his work as Surgeon-Major in the Indian Medical. ‘At Variance With Both General and Expert Opinion’: The Later Works of Lieutenant-Colonel Professor Laurence Austine Waddell. Bulletin of the History of. Laurence Austine Waddell. Surgeon, Collector in Tibet, Explorer. Waddell originally trained as a surgeon and chemist at Glasgow University. He joined the .

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We’d like to emphasise that L A Waddell himself may very well not have shared the Aryan supremacist views expressed in this book, and that we certainly don’t in any way whatsoever.

Stationed with the British army in DarjeelingWaddell learned the Tibetan language and even visited Tibet several times secretly, in disguise. Harvey, member of the pro-Nazi Imperial Fascist League and later a respected medievalist, wrote a short book The Heritage of Britain which aimed to summarise Waddell’s works for a narrower audience on the fringes of the British Wavdell movement Macklin Special Collection in the University Library hold a number of items relating to Laurence, for further info please see their catalogue:.

Earlier known as Hatti, this land was the home of the Hittites. Among the Himalayas by L.

Some of his book publications however were popular with the public, and he is regarded by some today to have been a real-life precursor of the fictional character Indiana Jones. That same year, he had completed writing Trojan Origin of World Civilization. Laurence Austine Waddell bequeathed his huge collection of books, letters and documents to his alma mater, the University of Glasgow:.

It also includes around illustrations and a substantial bibliography. Preston however in a section of her biography of Waddelll entitled “Opposition to Indo-Sumerian Seals Deciphered” points out that support for Waddell’s theory had disappeared by the early s through the work of Mortimer Wheeler:.

Grafton Elliot Smith who pioneered hyperdiffusionism but of the Egyptians was an influential correspondent to Waddell. Sargon referred to her as “Lady Ash.

Waddell also studied Sumerian and Sanskrit ; he made various translations of seals and other inscriptions. The book includes more than waddell hundred of Waddell’s own photographs, as well as maps and line wadell. Several times he risked his life by entering Tibet in disguise. Britain made the modern world.


Waddell, L. A. (Laurence Austine) 1854-1938

Waddell had attempted to enter Lhasa then closed to foreigners in disguise inwardell did not succeed until he accompanied the controversial British expedition to Tibet in —4; he describes his arrival there as ‘the realisation of a vivid and long-cherished dream’.

Furthermore, the titles that are now little known may have been sidelined due his use of the term ‘Aryan’ as it became associated with the rise of Nazism. Here’s a couple of samples that Astine come across — and make no pretence of understanding. The tribes of the Brahmaputra Valley: All contributions are moderated. Please note that in the above records he is mainly referred to as Lawrence, but sometimes also as Laurence.

Hospital, China Expeditionary Force.

Skip to main content. His entire command was massacred during the British retreat from Kabul during January The Makers of Civilization in Race and History. Medical jurisprudence for India, with illustrative cases by I. Discover treasures from around the world, explore outer space and meet live creatures! This summary barely scratches the surface of Waddell’s extraordinarily diverse and energetic life, his erudition, accomplishments and distinctions. Anatomy, Junior Division, first class certificate lectures and first class certificate practical ; Chemistry, second class certificate.

There was no-one else to carry forward their family line, let alone name — neither LAW’s daughter nor his nieces appear to have married. It reviews the history of Lamaism from its first emergence in Tibet, the lives of the great saints, the rise of the Dalai Lama, the importance of other divine incarnations, the importance of monasteries, monastic discipline, and the enormous pantheon of gods, demigods and demons.

Photograph of officers, including Lt. Back to National Museums Liverpool. Waddell and others seated on verandah. Waddell continued his military service with the Indian Medical Service. He published a wide variety of titles on this subject, as on many others, still available and purchased to this very day.

S — was a British explorerProfessor of Tibetan, Professor of Chemistry and Pathology, Indian Army surgeon, [2] collector in Tibetand amateur archaeologist. Waddell and two others.

OrnaVerum – Laurence Austine Waddell

I’m grateful to my infallible cousin Anne Burgess for details of LAW’s children, though the extraordinary gap between Laurence and his sister Margaret suggests that there may have been others who failed to survive or are otherwise lost to history. And, equally lurid Dover edition: Aryan Origins of the World’s Civilization. Is this the attitude of a scholar attempting to overturn consensus, or one seeking to build his intellectual edifice outside or alongside it?


A Waddell Book 63 editions published between and in English and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide A successful officer in the colonial Indian Medical Service, Glasgow-educated Laurence Austine Waddell — was fascinated by the landscapes and cultures of Darjeeling and Tibet, studied local languages, and spent his leisure time researching and laurnce on Tibetan topics.

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Author:Lawrence Austine Waddell

Waddell traveled extensively in India throughout the s including Sikkim and areas on the borders of Nepal and Tibet and wrote about the Tibetan Buddhist religious practices he observed there. Fortunately the ‘Nordic race-mongers’ have become discredited that there is little to fear from the effect of this opus on the intelligent lay public. Waddell originally trained as a surgeon and chemist at Glasgow University.

He ausine claimed to have carried out a series of topographic surveys and studies of antiquities and waddepl leading to the first accurate location of the birthplace of the Buddha Waddell In examining the link between his gutter antisemitism and his vast erudition and learning Macklin also highlights the importance of neo-mediaevalism to fascist and Nazi ideology.

He was of course laurnece aware of opposition to his ideas by other big beasts of the anthropological jungle, and was quite comfortable with that, according auxtine a recent review. This site uses cookies We use cookies to allow you to use parts of the site, to provide extra services such as page translation, to help us analyse how our visitors use the site, and for marketing and advertising purposes.

According to Waddell he is the prototype for Sir Gawain of the Arthurian sagas. Click here for access to numerous other books he published.