Lai Haraoba is festival of Meiteis people group of Manipur in India. The festival is a piece of memory of the creation stories played by the gods with the primary. Manipur’s Lai Haraoba is more than just a festival celebrating the Gods – it is also a unique sporting event and tradition. Lai-Haroba is an important festival of Manipur celebrated to revere the local deities such as Umang Thai. Indian Holiday offers to give you online information on.

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South GoaNorth Goa. This hraaoba was last edited on 11 Decemberat The maibi begins to move in the form of the Khayom jagoi a dance with hands at the level of the navel with the Hoirou Haya hymn.

The performers enact the stories with guidance from the head priest and priestess of this temple.

Then the building of houses, starting of agriculture and other stages of human development are played. The episode is always danced in Naga costumes. These particularly small enterprises lack access to markets and hence do not have predictable income and growth 3. Boys, girls and grown up people take part in its performance. Meiteis take every male and female as god and haraiba who play the role and deities in the Haraoba. People on earth celebrate this event with joy. He went again to Guru Sidaba.

Naraoba celebration is called Laiharaoba. Their stories are passed down through generations, and have become an intrinsic part of the Manipuri way of life. Atiya Guru along with the team of men and women sat down to work.

The dance steps are done on tiptoes. This song contains lyrics with veiled references to erotic mysticism. The main aim is that haroaba people should never forget universe and its origin. There are certain days of the month which are considered auspicious and the festival is celebrated on hzraoba dates like 1, 2, 3, 5 and 8.


It has about twenty steps or items in it. The differences in the six festivals are haraoha wide and broad; however, the overall theme is the same.

The most important character of lei langba is the keeping of celibacy of the lei roihanjaba the one in charge of lei langba with his attendant. Want to cover inspiring stories of change and make a substantial difference in the social sphere? So he sent Atiya Guru along with a creature to create the world. In villages and towns the organisers arrange a beautiful illumination by fitting the tube lights on bamboo posts around a sufficient area which is centrally located public places.

At the temple gate, a long queue awaited us. Celebrated in honour of the sylvan deities known as Umang Lai, the festival represents the worship of traditional deities and ancestors.

We aim to help the world discover great products made by small enterprises. Harwoba will also tell the stories to their children, who will preserve the legend.

Lai Haraoba

Once the room in which he lived got illuminated with different colors of rainbow, motivating him to create the world.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons for traditional haaraoba having deep roots in the Manipuri way of life. It is limited to Kamglei Haraoba and is related to the python manifestation of Pakhangba. Lai Haraoba is festival of Meiteis people group of Manipur in India. It is a communal dance in which the circular pattern representing hwraoba python is danced.

First, the lai bung or haraobung festival ground is properly arranged. Atiya Guru then solidified the framework and was made suitable for human life.

Through Lai Haraobapeople celebrate the arrival of the Gods amidst them and pray for peace and prosperity. Monday, December 31, Advertise with us. There were young boys who forgot the steps but took no time to improvise to the tunes. The priest and priestess chant the holy hymns while performers form a human circle around them and dance to it. The first step for Lai haraoba is lei langba, the plucking of flowers representing the god and goddess with the collection of many other kinds of flowers offering in the festival.


November Learn how and when to remove this template message. The Guru offered him some dirt from his navel and also created nine men from his right side and seven women from his left side to assist Atiya Guru.

Dance Lai – Haraoba The Manipuris believe that this dance represents the concept of the beginning of the world. The rituals within the festival are the same except in some items or hymnssuch as ikouba, ikourol, and yakairol at the beginning and mikon thagonba, ngaprum tanba at the end of the festival. M anipur is a land of stories and Gods, and stories about Gods.

Guru Sidaba then sent the goddess of lightning to assist Atiya Guru. Delhi International Mango Festival. Lai Haraoba is a ritualistic festival of the Meiteis observing from the ancient times. Laiboula thaba is the most important part of the beginning of laibou shaba creation of the Universe and the synthesis of the human body. Some of the items of Lai Haraoba with slight changes and small differences for the deities are lai ikouba calling or taking the gods out of water, at the beginning of Lai Haraobalei langba, naoshum ishei shakpa lullabyyakairol ishei awakeningphammang laimang phamba, lei katpa, laibou chenba, laibou shaba, etc.

Lai Haraoba – Wikipedia

The young girls were keen to get the steps right, as well as eager to look out for their proud parents in the crowd.

It is in fact the combination of religious recitations, traditional music and dance, traditional social values and ancient cultural aspects. The main quality of the song is the rhythm in harapba tune. Thus, Lai Haraoba is the only cultural activity in which social, philosophical and religious life of the Meiteis are depicted very deeply and carefully.