Egill Skallagrímsson ( circa – circa) fu uno scaldo islandese e un grande anti-eroe della letteratura islandese. Alcune narrazioni dicono che uccise 20 o più uomini armati con una sola mano e che divenne berserker con relativa facilità . A dispetto di questo, fu considerato un guaritore, e la sua saga narra che lui. Many scholars attribute Egil’s Saga to medieval Iceland’s most famous writer, SNORRI Egill Skallagrímsson en un manuscrito del siglo XVII de la Saga de Egil. Esta saga es una de las obras maestras de la narrativa isalandesa medieval. Narra la vida del poeta, vikingo y campesino, y fue escrita hacia el año por el.

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Thorolf went to his father, and father and son had some talk together. Thou wilt also do this because it is a matter of moment to me, if that is of any worth in thy opinion.

Egil’s Saga – Icelandic Saga Database

He promised them also further honour, naming some to be steersmen, others forecastle men, others bow-sitters. But in the following spring Skallagrim showed him to choice land south of White-river upwards from Grims-river to Flokadale-river. Thorolf, Skallagrim’s son, settled to go with Bjorn, and Skallagrim gave him mean for the journey. Bjorn said there was Skallagrmsson, Hroald’s daughter, sister of lord Thorir.

Egil’s Saga

The value code by which Egil lived was the same as that of many Scandinavians at the time of the story’s composition.

He was an evening sleeper, and it was commonly said that he was very shape strong. He came to Iceland on the south coast, and held on westwards past Reykja-ness, and sailed into Borgar-firth, and entering Long-river wkallagrimsson up it even to the Falls.

For fe ship they made; but those on board, deeming they had no means of defence, yielded, and were disarmed and put on shore, and Thorolf’s men, taking the ship and its cargo, went on their way.

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And when the feast was ended, Bard went home with his wife, and remained at home through the summer, and Thorolf with him.

With a preface by Jane Smiley and an introduction by Robert Kellogg. When they came to the farm, Hogni went out to meet him, and made him welcome, invited him and his comrades to lodge there, which offer Bjorgolf accepted, and they entered the room. After that he purposed to go north to Naumdale to attack the brothers Herlaug and Hrollaug, kings of Naumdale. The king said that he could expect nought but good from Thorolf, ‘because,’ said he, ‘I deserve nought else; yet men tell two tales of thee as to thy being careful to win my approval.

This will prove true, O king, that, if thou put the stewardship into the hand of myself and my brother, we shall bring thee more wealth.

There, too, he had land sown, and called it Acres. Then Thorolf told Sigurd what had been the covenant between him and Bard before he died, and he declared also the orders of the king, how he would have all this hold good, and this he showed by the tokens.

Thorolf told of the battle fought that summer in the south, and of the fall of many men whom Sigurd knew well, and withal how Bard his son-in-law had died of wounds received in the battle.

Bjorn answered, ‘Truth only told I to you, Grim, and you may not rebuke me for this, though I told you no further than you asked. Stylistic and other similarities between Egil’s Saga and Heimskringla have led many scholars to believe that they were the work of the same author, Snorri Sturluson.

He had been in Hafr’s Firth, in the fleet of king Harold, and was then steering the very ship that Thorolf had used in his roving.

Bera was his only child and heiress. Thorolf said that he had loyally done all he could to please the king. Then they entered, and Aulvir went up to the king, Skallagrim standing at his back.

Egil’s Saga – Wikipedia

As the day wore on, they came upon many rowing-vessels in all the sounds between the islands; the forces on board them had meant to join Thorolf, for spies of his had been southwards as far as Naumdale, and far and wide about the islands. Bjorgolf called to him Hogni the goodman, and said, ‘My errand here is this: Then they led Skallagrim to the place, and it seemed to him that thereabouts would be a good spot to build a homestead.


He stayed at home all that winter. Skallagrim then built a house on Ship-ness, and this he kept for a long time thereafter. The king, however, was gloomy; he remained there three nights, as had been intended. Then spake Skallagrim in great wrath, ‘How dared you come to meet me?

He was soon talkative and word-wise. Thorolf was killed by the king who led a band of warriors, and the rift would force Skallagrim and his father Kveldulf to skallagrlmsson Norway to settle in Iceland.

And when a fair wind skallagrimswon, Thorolf steered southwards along the coast till he came to Byrda; then they held an outer course outside the islands, but at times through channels between hill-slopes. He received them most gladly. Egil returned to Norway to claim lands won in a duel with Atli the Short sgaa behalf of his wife Asgerd.

Northwards after him went they, and found him in Fir Sound. One day at eventide he sailed into Mostrarsoundwhere in the haven was a large ship of burden that had come from Eyrar. Brynjolf asked what Bjorn meant to do. Kveldulf answered that he was an old man, not fit for war or to be out in warships. Skallagrimson, father, this plan lies before us, that you send men to Norway to offer atonement for Bjorn; Thorir will greatly honour your word.