How to Use the LD Motor Driver – Arduino Tutorial: The LD is a pin Motor Driver IC which can control a set of two DC motors simultaneously in any. SunFounder LD is a monolithic integrated, high voltage, high current, 4- channel driver. Basically this means using this chip you can use DC. The Motor Driver is a module for motors that allows you to control the working speed and direction of two motors Motor Driver is designed .

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Input 1 for Motor 1. Enable Pin is use to ena b le or to ma k e a chan n e l active. All Output Pin No.


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Enable pin for Motor 1; drievr high. Unknown April 10, at 7: Motor driver ICs act as an interface between microprocessors in robots and the motors in the robot. Visit our page for more information. We found it really interesting and meaningful. Hydrauliques Continental December 6, at 9: Input 2 for Motor 1.

L293D Motor Driver Shield

LD is a 16 pin IC having two enables pins which should always be remain high to enable both the H-bridges. Karthi Keyan March 2, at 3: Virgin Galactic — Commercial Space Flight.

This is what is used in this self-balancing robot project. Kenny Pragash December 27, at I don’t know if there was automated machines to produce these assemblies or if they were re-used in other designs. Input logic 00 or 11 will stop the corresponding motor. A is very extensive and vast knowledgeable platform has been given by this blog. Choosing Battery for Robots. We like your blog and would like to visit it again.

It’s very beneficial for all the electronics and electrical engineers community. Joy Biswas April 12, at 1: All inputs are TTL compatible.

Logical Supply Voltage will decide what value of input voltage should be. What is Web Browser. Every Arduino Microcontroller has a circuit diagram and source code. Enable pin is also called as Chip Inhibit Pin. November 17, at 4: LD contains two inbuilt H-bridge driver circuits. A motor driver IC is an integrated circuit chip which is usually used to control motors in autonomous robots.


Or does it only decide id the motor runs in clockwise or anticlockwise direction?? Quadcopter In India September 11, at 9: This page was last modified on 22 Januaryat Using the LD motor driver IC. LD has 2 Channels. Call and get core Job. Rahul Singa June 30, at 1: One channel is used for one moto r.

Output 1 for Motor 1. drive

Supp l y voltage Vss is t h e Voltage at which we wish to drive the m o tor. Arduino PDF guides Contribute to blog. I’m new with all this thing.

Anonymous May 4, at Interface SD Card with Arduino. Microcontroller Tutorials October 3, at 1: This is really nice to read content of this moto.