Many instructors of the science of pressure point self defense teach a lot of Kyusho Self Defense Techniques. I have mostly been teaching the. Kyusho Jitsu teaches a variety of self-defense techniques such as using a pressure point in order force an attacker to release their grip on your. For centuries, the arts of Pressure Point Fighting (Kyushojitsu, Dim Mak, amazingly powerful techniques, concepts, and principles of Kyushojitsu into their own.

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Self Defense is a complicated thing.

Kyusho Jitsu

Sorry, self defense is NOT combat! Specific Kata Techniques Appendix A: When they were finished, his grandfather said, ‘This is called Kata. Advanced Pressure Point Grappling. The third level deals with a situation s where a weapon has been introduced or more than one attacker is involved.

These courses as about real street survival. Precise anatomical location of pressure points coupled with diagrams, and striking methods.

Kyusho Self Defense Techniques

The idea behind this is to present a well round course in pressure point self defense from an application based standpoint. Violence has signs and these need to be seen, understood, and at time preemptively dealt with.


Pressure points are usually addressed in dojos in one of two ways. Perfect for business persons, law technlques personnel, men, and women.

Principles of Kyusho-Jitsu Chapter Three: There are no rules! Low escalation, or before the attack happens.

They are as follows. This is a new lesson every 3 days in video format sent via email. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. But, these patterns were not only intended to assist warriors in rehearsing their techniques, they were also designed to conceal those same techniques from the uninitiated.

Click here to view sample pages! He resides in Brasov Romania. To most people it looks like a dance. T Level Tevhniques course, but this is the type of examples I will cover.

Application of pressure point striking within kata or form, and how to find pressure point techniques within movements in your system. He begins by telling Little Jay the story of how, when he was young, the class bully pushed him around too.

Learn real Kyusho Self Defense Techniques and how to use them correctly in the 3 main self defense situations or scenarios! Little Jay Learns Karate. Self defense does not go to the ground and if it does you must get up!


Humane Pressure Point Tactics. The first example is a punch and a BAD responsive from my root system.

Kyusho Jitsu – Black Belt Wiki

Don’t let the word “humane” fool you! On the opposite end of the spectrum are those who utilize knowledge of pressure points in a very esoteric way. At first, he wants his grandfather to teach him to fight lyusho that if Harry Hawk, the class bully, ever hurts him again Little Jay can hurt him back.

Tuite as Bunkai Appendix: This is a vital point that will make the arm numb. Dillman with Chris Thomas. This is the story of how Little Jay learned Karate. Also for the martial art student they can easily be adapted to their current style or system. It is about survival not “winning.