IKEAPEDIA – KVARTAL Triple curtain rail aluminum color (IKEA United States) – View Product Details – Download Assembly Instructions – Get. Vision: IKEA Kvartal triple track rail rod for sliding Panel Curtains (used like Here is me laughing at the instructions, which is pretty much just a. The problem with IKEA curtain systems is that you’re buying components in pieces, so you don’t get complete instructions. When you buy the.

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First figure out how long you want your curtain rods to be.

Tutorial: IKEA Kvartal Curtain System

I then marked another 0. Glad you got the blinds up and that you love insttuctions IKEA curtain panels can hang multiple ways: These are the ceiling fixtures.

Hi Wes, You are very welcome! Does that make sense?

Istructions window has been in various situations for the 16 years lived with it. In the awful folded instruction packet IKEA has those metal sliders going in behind the plastic panel slide holders I think. You can just unscrew the side screws, move it over a little, and tighten them back down. Thanks for the tips. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts ikeq email. I have no idea why IKEA uses extremely vague instructions. It was time to get the drapes up so the rest of the decorations could be placed.



You have no idea how this page has helped many people, because let me tell you… I work in IKEA and let people read the instructions this site in store! The other 7 are used to attach the fabric to the bars.

It is not very easy to slide the pinch pleat curtains. Just do your best; it won’t show in the end. Hi Valene, No problem!

Troubleshooting IKEA Kvartal Curtain Rods Install

Many thanks for this very helpful post. This confused me the most — wondering where these go. Not only are our windows in a cornerbut they are also huge.

The 3rd rail on the outside I was going to use to hang drapery panels at the ends and in the middle. Laying out the materials.

IKEA needs to put you on the payroll. I measured and marked three dots with a sharpie so that I could ensure a straight line. Screw in two of the short screws on the center holes only see circled above with the allen wrench. We were lucky we did not have to trim the rail at all. This means we kvrtal have to attach the extra piece of hardware to each panel.


We as the design and merchandising team would tackle Kvartal every year, trying different ways of informing the customer how it worked, but there was never a good solution that worked with the Ikea philosophy of the customer doing all the work to inform and buy. Remove the strip to expose the sticky stuff on the strip that holds your panel in the top rail. I thought I was going to cry and have to stand in ikea lines to return these!

Tutorial: IKEA Kvartal Curtain System

The curved pieces are tricky, as the connector plate can only be shoved so far until it hits the curve, so only about two screws are available to align with the bracket. So, every method of hanging requires these wheeled hangers and they must be purchased separately. This method prevents the drips that can come with just spraying the lubricant into the small track opening.

The one screw we tried first was broken, but managed with the others.