He worked for FEMA at ground zero, but then Kurt Sonnenfeld became a suspect appeared before a crowded room to present El Perseguido. Just how if your day is begun by reading a publication EL PERSEGUIDO By Kurt SONNENFELD Yet, it remains in your gizmo? Everyone will consistently touch. Kurt Sonnenfeld (born 12/18/) is an American granted political asylum in Argentina after On May 8, , Kurt Sonnenfeld published El Perseguido (The Persecuted), at the 35th Annual Buenos Aires Book Fair in Argentina. In the book .

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In hindsight, I realize now that the situation had capsized some time before I actually became aware that it had capsized.

Any person who requests refugee status on political grounds is by nature making an extreme statement of dissent. With an incredible outpouring of support. And then an extraordinary series of events occurred, and all of that was gone, replaced by threats and dangers from all sides.

Help us by making a contribution. Mitchell first started writing the Cold Case blog in Fallin part because Colorado has more than 1, unsolved homicides. Why was an American working as a cameraman for an Argentinean television show?

A delivery boy, an engineer, a secretary, a waiter. I was at the world Trade Center. Almost none, if any, of the casualties were. What type of events are you referring to?

After September 11, it was discovered that concealed within Building Seven was the largest clandestine domestic station of the Central Intelligence Agency outside of Washington DC, a base of operations from which to spy on diplomats of the United Nations and to conduct counterterrorism and counterintelligence missions.

Since then, over the course of the past seven years, I have been falsely accused, imprisoned twice in two different countries, tortured, put in solitary confinement, followed across two continents and slandered relentlessly in a campaign to dehumanize me so that no one will protest and to discredit me so that when I talk, no one will listen.

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Kurt Sonnenfeld (Author of El Perseguido)

From the beginning, the investigation into the attacks on the World Trade Center has been tightly controlled directly from the White House. He said his wife committed suicide and that he had nothing to do with her shooting. The producer, Miguel, wanted a documentary portrayal of what life was like for them as they searched the streets at night for discarded recyclables to sell.

They were good questions, and I tried to answer them. But the fact is, requesting refugee status is a risky and dangerous step to take.

Kurt Sonnenfeld

Political researcher and Voltaire Network editorial assistant, based partly in Buenos Aires Argentina. United States of America.

Fundamentally, we are all terrified. I was part of the official investigation. Four years ago, the US embassy sent a note to Argentine officials to confiscate all of my possessions sonnengeld documents and to remit fl to the United States. Yet, hardly any have stepped up to the plate and certainly no one who was directly involved in an official capacity. Inthe U. There were many things, in hindsight, that were disturbing at Ground Zero. I will therefore cooperate in any way that I can with serious and reliable experts in a common endeavour to expose the truth.

You are all exemplars of courage and the fight for justice. With the publication of your book, you have become a “whistleblower” — yet another step on which there is no going back!

Tell us who is persecuting you. You explained that your request for refugee status within the terms of the Geneva Convention is still being considered by the Argentinean Senate, while in you were granted political asylum, albeit, on a provisional basis. The smell of lavender in the summer, the smell of snow in the winter, the smell of pine logs burning in fireplaces all year long.

The discussion page may contain suggestions. Do you regard such people as “conspiracy nuts”? They wanted a war so badly that they at least let it happen and most likely even helped it happen. Some of us even discussed it afterwards. Covarrubias is a group administrator Alejandra H.


How do you account for such doggedness? Nicholas Rockefeller agenda and the microchips implants to the humans. They will prefer to maintain the status quo and leave the things the way they are. People who care and people who cry. Sonnenfeld, 43, has been wanted for nearly a perssguido.

Kurt Sonnenfeld: an inconvenient 9/11 witness

And Customs at first claimed that everything was destroyed. In Argentina, he fell in love with Paula Duran, married her and has stayed ever since, working as a videographer. There was no underground parking level at Seven World Trade Center. Therein, Sonnenfeld tells the history of his persecution at the hands of U.

And when I listen to music, sometimes I remember all the long talks I used to have with my sister while she played her favorite records. The tapes kuet reveal some of the anomalies which he discovered at Ground Zero are still in his possession. Argentina has infuriated September 11 victims by sonnenteld the wacky claims of Sonnenfeld, an ex-FEMA cameraman who filmed Ground Zero and had privileged access to Ground Zero for three weeks. News Corp HarperCollins Marketwatch realtor.

And then it was very odd to me when I learned that FEMA and several other federal agencies had already moved into position at their command center at Pier 92 on September 10th, one day before the attacks! Aonnenfeld was it empty? United States of America.