Sure that the dropouts broke due to no using of torque arms but also the KU controller delivers 30A (~W) to the motor which is a LOT!!. I received a spare controller for it today. It is 36v w and internally it looks almost exactly like a KU The difference being that this one has. I have redesigned the KU63 motor controller from BMSbattery. Here is the circuit: Don’t use the image above, download the circuit high.

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As you deduced, I think the brake must have been connected to SH, and that the two microswitches were then connected to the controlle 5v within the loom. As you can see from the photos, the original soldering on this KU65 is quite scruffy, whereas those Conhismotor controllers were beautifully soldered, even though neither of them worked though!

Contrroller in one direction: I’ve now worked through your replies and I think you’ve sorted it for me. It’s just difficult for anyone else to drive him. I don’t want to re-use the same controllers, because I’m not satisfied with their firmware.

KU63 KU93 KU controller hacking – Endless Sphere

Y’know, before it was just a bizarre storefront? When you buy a little Bafang kit they include a little controller to go with it. Why would I want to write software to work around bugs in software? Q rear driving E-bike Hub Motor Voltage: So until someone translates it for me, “nameless” they shall remain.


Please don’t forget PAS sensor, trottle is not legal in Europe. So, of course, I wired them up.

How many wires should be connected? New posts Trending Search forums. When you want to actively brake the brushless motor, you just short out each of the electromagnet coils.

I have not managed to get any response from the throttle at all.

Reverse Engineering: Brushless DC Motor Controller

I think your controlelr wires are all white instead of green. I needed to rebuild the motorized base; I needed it to use more powerful motors than I’d been able to find as brushed DC motors; I knew that hoverboards existed and were able to move a person. Rest well, FET; you’ll always be remembered.

Some of my mistakes: So I went looking for reliable controllers. You’ll find it perfect for what you want. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. My electric bike has a standard 3 wire throttle connection which uses a varying voltage. Second, you ignored all the warnings about using a front motor on aluminum forks, especailly a powerful one.


I decided to stop decoding and move on to “can I get this to do anything? No bangs or smokeand the panel lights up an the buttons and leds works ok. It only took about 6 hours to trace out the majority of the circuitry; when I started wondering what the mystery circuitry was for seriously, there are pins contro,ler the CPU that have capacitors directly to ground and naught else – why?

I think I’ve figured something though.

KU63 controller circuit board connections | Pedelecs – Electric Bike Community

It left behind some black soot and melted connector. Let’s open it up and see what’s in there If you use an in-line hall sensor or similar, the signal goes to SL and the other two are 5v and 0v.

The firmware is here: My workflow will be like this: I figured I should at least try conttoller get the remote drive up and running; I was pretty close last year! Does this project spark your interest?