#18 – Flexible Dieting, Nutrition Barriers, and Loving Your Own Skin w/ Krissy Mae Cagney. Get my top 5 must reads for unlocking new. Wanted to share how Krissy and I set up my macros for this Off season. This will be my first run at Flexible dieting. I am at the start of. I used a calculator found in a book that I read on flexible dieting (Flexible Dieting: A Guide to Macros & Eating for Life by Krissy Mae Cagney, and she just released a new book: Flexible Dieting which is even better) but.

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Calorie burns come down to thermodynamics. No harm in eating more, but if you like eating more fat or more carbs, you can swap that extra protein out for more of those. We texted on Sunday about it, and started Monday December 1st. All that matters for krkssy most part is distance when it comes to calorie burns.

Even if you DO know… watch this. Finally, I did the max effort kb goblet squats after the WOD. If you ride 10 miles at 10mph pace you’ll burn a given amount of calories. Does that make sense? Read up on it all yesterday and a lot of her behaviour flexile seems like the signs of an addict to me.

I start with protein and then adjust the others. This has all been based off of a loose macro guideline and what I’ve learned about nutrition through personal experience and experiments. Art Morgan rated cagey really liked it Sep 15, She had read books on flexible dieting from a friend of ours Krissy Mae Cagney. My goals are to stay above lbs and drop some fat. Paula rated it it was amazing Apr 14, Will I continue to consume a primarily paleo diet?


My sister lived in Reno for a while and met Krissy there. She’s also dieying involved in the CrossFit community so we cross paths often now. Want to add to the discussion? Sep 18, Janik Vacon rated it it was amazing. Not crazy about it—thought it would track my heart rate bc I got tired of wearing my telemetry strap with my Polaris. Occasionally, because I’m addicted to ice cream and eating a small bowl most nights makes me happy.

Krissy now owns the gym where my sister used to train. Do I eat it anyway?

After I read the book one of the main questions I had for myself was, “can I eat paleo and still be a flexible dieter? For those of you on the current cycle of flexible dieters with me, feel free to email me!


I’m excited about adding in some flexibility while learning how to better track my macros to optimize my performance in the gym. Audrey Worthington rated it really liked it Jun 24, I thought she was shunned out of the industry. Well believing something is not a prerequisite for something being factual lol.


Call it a 6th sense, but I KNOW calories is not enough for me, so I just rounded my number to calories to maintain my current weight. I just flexihle the Sexy sculpt program and am so excited to start!!!

I am just hear trying to learn as well. Kristen rated it it was amazing Apr 29, My younger sister is the one who first suggested I read more about it. The other is I am trying to learn more about nutrition and dieting.

Now, many of you probably use FitBits — which I find a little odd, frankly. Basically it’s like this this: Mr Bean rated it liked it Oct 12, I like what Jon Stewart had to say in the book, “Flexible dieting allows you to easily modify your diet based on your specific goals and preferences via some very easy to follow protocols. Log in or sign up in seconds.


Plagiarizing an article and some of her ebook. Yeah, she really hit a rough patch. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.