Installment 9 in the bestsellingImmortals After Dark series New York Times bestselling author Kresley Cole enraptures again with this seductive tale of a fierce. Pleasure of a Dark Prince by Kresley Cole Dear Ms. Cole: It is no secret that I am a big fan of your Immortals After Dark series, and I have. Pleasure of a Dark Prince is the ninth book in the Immortals After Dark series, it was published in February, It features Garreth Author. Kresley Cole.

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I already know what I want.

Pleasure of a Dark Prince

Scary human flesh eaters. This book took me on an emotional roller-coaster ride like none of the other books in the series have. I just could not understand her motivation to run from him and give him such hell. I always end up loving KC’s heroes, but sometimes I have a bit of a problem od her heroines some can be princd little cold-hearted. I’d like to order a Waitress: I deliberately took a long hiatus on this series.

I have to stress the importance of reading the series in order. He stands by her side in every situation, despite the fact that he gets only rejection and distrust from her. Price may vary by retailer.


Pleasure of a Dark Prince by Kresley Cole

If you love Paranormal Romance, you just have to read this series. This book was full of them. A girl could do no better than to have a devoted Lykae mate out to protect her and to meet her every need! Also, her love for Regin was something really sweet.

So kkresley are two great main characters: A promise of pleasure. I’m leaving tomorrow for the Amazon. I forgot about that night last year after quitting This goes on and on for page after page, with Garreth gaining more and more of Lucia’s body and her trust until finally when the full moon urges him to finally claim her Incorporate their likes and dislikes.

Sure there were a few other conflicts like being attacked by large creatures and bad guys.

I struggled with the choices the hero and heroine, Garreth and Lucia, made during this book. The major sources of conflict between the couple was Lucia keeping secrets from Garreth. That swamp scene was smoking! There had krezley such a buildup in previous books of how he was looking for her to be fair, he did look for a while over the span of previous booksthat it surprised me when he found her right away and then kreslfy just stayed put.


The sexual tension is sizzling from page one! My werewolf fixation was very much appeased kdesley him! Weren’t you just here last night? She meets every challenge until she runs head long into a certain persuasive and determined Lykae.

What is his deal???

She is his mate, he knows it, he feels it and he is ready to serve and protect from that moment on! View all 6 comments.

I will no’ falter. This means we see a few past events, this time through different perspectives. It was a combination of the books of Lachlain, Bowen and Sebastian. It was quite fun to see besotted Lykae, Garreth MacRieve chasing after his reluctant for the most part Valkyrie mate, Lucia.

Seeing that the story takes place in the Amazon made me wonder just how much action will I get out of this.

More books from this author: He just about broke my heart near the end of this story. I just came back to finish it in a very short time.