Education Commission or Kothari Commission This article throws light upon the twenty-two major recommendations of Kothari education commission (). The recommendations are: 1. Education and. PRINCIPAL RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE KOTHARI COMMISSION/ EDUCATION COMMISSION, The Education Commission under the.

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The establishment in non-Hindi States, of colleges and other institutions of higher education which use Hindi as the medium of education should be encouraged. It should charge no tuition fee. English language to serve as a link-language in higher education for academic work and intellectual inter-communication. For streamlining teacher education, the commission recommended that there should be removal of isolation of teacher education from university life, from schools and among the institutions.


Task Force on Educational Finance The task before the group was to examine the existing set up with regard to educational finance and identify ways to overcome the shortfalls. There should be two years duration of the programme for kotyari primary teachers and one year duration for the secondary teachers. Free and Compulsory Education 1.

World knowledge is growing at a tremendous pace, especially in science and technology. In its report the commission expressed its form belief that education is the most powerful instrument of national development. The commission emphasised an imaginative system of administration and supervision which would be essential for accelerating education reform. The orientation of teachers to the revised curricula through in-service training 5.

For the qualitative improvement of teacher education, there should be reorientation of subject knowledge both independently and in collaboration with university departments, and where necessary, with the arts and science colleges doing post-graduate work.

Higher primary level 5 to 8 [8]. Therefore, a common school system of public education should be introduced in a phased manner spread over twenty years. Shah, Amrik Singh, R. Increase in Productivity – The Commission suggested that education must be related to productivity to increase national income. It will make the entry of youth into the world of work and employment easier by enabling them to adjust themselves to it.

Working Group on Educational Statistics The group provided the statistical tools for the commission and had J. The quality of science teaching must also be improved considerably Work Experience. For the cultivation of excellence, it is necessary that talent in diverse fields should be identified at as early an age as possible, and every stimulus and opportunity given for its full development.



Games and sports should be made not only to protect the rights kohhari minorities but to promote their educational interests as suggested in the statement issued by the conference of the Chief Ministers of States and Central ministers held in August Retrieved from ” https: Explain the appointment of the Education Commission of and its unique features.

Games and sports should be developed on a large scale with the object of improving the physical fitness and sportsmanship of the kothadi student as well as of those who excel in this department.

The possibility of establishing autonomous book corporations on commercial lines should be examined and efforts should be made to have a few basic textbooks common throughout the country. The new educational system should consist of a 1 to 3 years of pre-school education b Lower primary commision of 4 to 5 years c Higher primary stage of 3 or 2 years d Lower secondary stage of 3 or 2 years e Higher secondary stage of 2 years of vocational education 2.

Broad Areas of curricular studies at secondary stage as recommended by the Kothari commission are meant for two stages: This page was last edited on 17 Julyat The search for talent must be a continuous process which should be pursued at all stages. Facilities for technical and vocational education should comission suitably diversified to cover a large number of fields, such as agriculture, industry, trade and commerce, medicine and public health, home management, arts and crafts, secretarial training, etc.

The under graduate education was identified as XI and XII standards under the name, higher secondary or pre university. Consequently, the commisxion in the area of education persisted. The commission said that pre-primary education is of great significance to the physical, emotional and intellectual development of children, especially those with unsatisfactory home background.

Rajan secretary as its members.

Not only are the resources scare but the problems are exceedingly complex. This article throws light upon the twenty-two major recommendations of Kothari education commission Shumovsky Sadatoshi Ihara, Members. The regional languages are already in use as media of education at the primary and secondary stages. It also proposed that three or four text books to be prescribed for each subject and moral and religious education be made a part of the curriculum. After going through this commission, you will be able to: The energetic development of Indian languages and literature is a sine qua non for educational and cultural development.


Technical education and research should be related closely to industry, encouraging the flow of personnel both ways and providing for continuous cooperation in the provision, comnission and periodical review of training programs and facilities. The report of the commission is a milestone in the annals of development of education in post-independence phase in India which is revolutionary in nature and original in its character.

It is important for us to know the features that have made this commission a unique commission from other earlier commissions.

NaikPrem Pasricha, V. Duration of the first degree should not be less than 3 years and the duration of the second degree to be 2 to 3 years; 2. The other members were T.

Kothari Education Commission ()

Teachers should be helped and trained to use in-expensive and local available improvised teaching aids. The link between education and productivity can be created through the development of the following programmes: Evaluate the recommendations of the Education Commission for improvement of higher education in the country. For this purpose, study of English deserves to be specially strengthened. The commission, under the chairmanship of Daulat Singh Kothariwas the sixth commission in India post independence and the first commission with comprehensive terms of reference on education.

Academic aspect includes the preparation of text books, try out and evaluation by State Education Department. Development of new methods of teaching the language should be encouraged, and the possibility explored of including the study of Sanskrit in those courses such as modern Indian languages, ancient Indian history, Indology and Indian philosophy at the first and second degree stages, where such knowledge is useful.