View Download PDF: Book II (Études ) ( Mo) First edition – Leipzig: Breitkopf und Härtel, n.d.[]. Plates (c-d) The Kopprasch etudes. Practically every serious student of the horn today has studied these etudes, but who exactly was Kopprasch and when were his etudes . Perhaps the oldest of the “old standard” horn etudes are the Kopprasch etudes. Back in my article on the history of the Kopprasch etudes.

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Congratulations for continuing on this project. Some practice techniques that helped included slurring everything, using B-flat fingerings, and playing the principal notes of each measure the first 16th note in each group of 4. The horn players in Maryland would be very grateful to have a high quality recording of 49 and 50 as they are required to play those for the All-State audition in November.

Write down your comment. Kopprasch, Georg kopprascu We’ll assume you’re OK with this, but please see our Legal Notice for more information.


Georg Kopprasch

If you use and like Free-scores. Another concern for me was intonation in the low range: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Complete Score 49 pages – 1.

The Kopprasch Etudes for Horn. Will fix that on No. By Angie visitor12 Feb at Again, this is not a version to take into your lesson if your teacher told you to go buy a Kopprasch book but it is for sure an interesting one to look at. Can I make a request? By Kopprasch had returned to Dessau ftudes played second horn in the court orchestra, where he likely spent the remainder of his career.

This site tracks visitors with statistical tools such as Google Analytics. No, I did not get the copy from him, I purchased my copy of that dissertation from what was then known as University Microfilms.

Not only do they provide some much needed variety, but they also force me to work on elements of my playing which can kopprascy unnoticed in the faster, more technical studies. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Free sheet music : Kopprasch, Georg – Op.6 – 60 Studies for Low Horn (Horn)

Annotate this sheet music. By miller visitor03 Jan at Was this review helpful? Kopprasch wrote two sets of sixty etudes for horn, opus 5 for high horn and 6 for low horn, however only opus 6 low horn gained wide popularity, and is still published today—typically in two books of thirty each. I was really hoping you would continue your Kopprasch recordings onto book 2. The logical place to breath is after the eighth note in measure 9, but at a fast tempo it is a challenge to take a full enough breath which will last until the end of measure We recommend that you assign name-surname.


Maintaining a centered tone and ringing staccato throughout this etude was a particular challenge for me. Number 57 is an arpeggiated study in staccato articulations, and it is deceptively difficult. I have been enjoying your recordings of the Kopprasch etudes, as well as learning from them.

Tchaikovsky’s Orchestra Works – I. I am quite convinced that your sound has changed; changes of various positions in your studio and perhaps better use of the recording equipment notwithstanding. Uns ist ein Kind geboren.

60 Etudes for High-Horn, Op.5 (Kopprasch, Georg)

In addition, it helps to strictly observe the kopprasc forte marking beginning at m. A knowledge of harmonic function is important, if not critical, to mastering this etude. Like a handful of other studies in this collection, No. A light, quick single tongue works well for the sixty-fourth note runs in measures 2 and James Chambers ; Kopprasch Complete Cornopub, ed.