Volume I. The Apostolic Fathers with Justin Martyr and Irenaeus Clement of Rome, Mathetes, Polycarp, Ignatius, Barnabas, Papias, Justin Martyr, Irenaeus What really happened at Nicea: all the ancient sources. Konsili Nicaea 1 . The bishops assembled at Nicaea, who constitute the great and holy synod, greet the church of the Alexandrians, by the grace of God holy.

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Concerning those who have given themselves the name of Cathars, and who from time to time come over publicly to the catholic and apostolic church, this holy and great synod decrees that they may remain among the clergy after receiving an imposition of hands.

Arians saw these as essentially the same; followers of Alexander did not. If anyone contravenes these regulations, he will be liable to forfeit his clerical status for acting in defiance of this great synod.

But since, when the grace of God had freed Egypt from this evil nica blasphemous opinion, and from the persons who had dared to create a schism and a separation in a people which up to now had lived in peace, there remained the question of the presumption of Meletius and the men whom he had ordained, we shall explain to you, beloved brethren, the synod’s decisions on this subject too.

Those therefore among the faithful who genuinely repent shall spend three years among the hearers, for seven years they shall be prostrators, and for two years they shall take part with the people in the prayers, though not in the offering.

Also for the first time, the Emperor played a role, by calling together the bishops under his authority, and using the power of the state to give the council’s orders effect.

Constantine organized the Council along the lines of the Roman Senate. The bold text in the profession of faith of the fathers constitutes, according nocea Tanner “The additions made by the council to an underlying form of the creed”, and that the underlying creed was most likely “derived from the baptismal formula of Caesarea put forward konsilu the bishop of that city Eusebius” or that it “developed from an original form which existed in Jerusalem or at konisli rate Palestine”.

The Arians appealed to Scripture, quoting biblical statements such as “the Father is greater than I”, [44] and also that the Son is “firstborn of all creation”.

Konsili Nicea II – Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas

Arius and his writings were also branded with anathema, his books were cast into the fire, and he was exiled to Illyria.

Christians, these thinkers argued, should abandon the custom of relying on Jewish informants and instead do their own computations to determine which month should be styled Nisan, setting Easter within this independently computed, Christian Nisan, which would always locate the festival after the equinox.


Katolik RomaOrtodoks Timur. And another I’m not making any of these up: Such indeed was the power of his impiety that Theonas of Marmarica and Secundus of Ptolemais shared in the consequences, for they too suffered the same fate. Part of a series on. Basil over the Nicene Creed. Any presbyters or deacons or in general anyone enrolled in any rank of the clergy who depart from their church recklessly and without the fear of God before their eyes or in ignorance of the church’s canon, ought not by any means to be received in another church, but all pressure must be applied to them to induce them to return to their own dioceses, or if they remain it is right that they should be excommunicated.

If any have been promoted to ordination through the ignorance of their promoters or even with their connivance, this fact does not prejudice the church’s canon; for once discovered they are to be deposed.

Dalam proyek lain Wikimedia Commons. Pope portal Vatican City portal Catholicism portal. The adhesion [to the creed] was general and enthusiastic. The bishops issued a creed Symbolum20 canons, and a letter to the church of Alexandria. The word homoousiain particular, was initially disliked by many bishops because of its associations with Gnostic heretics who used it in their theologyand because their heresies had been condemned at the — Synods of Antioch.

Nor did the Council decree that Easter must never coincide with Nisan 14 the first Day of Unleavened Bread, now commonly called “Passover” in the Hebrew calendar. Alexander maintained that the Son was divine in just the same sense that the Father is, coeternal with the Father, else he could not be a true Son.

Constantine had invited all 1, bishops of the Christian church within the Roman Empire about 1, in the east and in the westbut a smaller and unknown number attended. These are the additional possible references: The relevant section of his work is online here. An easily available, and trustworthy, English translation of the various canons and decrees of the first seven councils usually called “ecumenical”, along with the full texts of a number of other important early councils is available in: Criticism of the Catholic Church Anti-Catholicism.

In nicew Dictionnaire Philosophiquein the section Concileswe find what must be the original. nicez

Kedua gereja tersebut mengakui konsili ini, sementara pendapat Gereja Protestan bermacam-macam. I micea all the information I have, to assist recovering the data. Its main accomplishments were settlement of the Christological issue of the divine nature of God the Son and his relationship to God the Father[2] the construction of the first part of the Nicene Creedestablishing uniform observance of the date of Easter[6] and promulgation of early canon law.


Since, either through necessity or through the importunate demands of certain individuals, there have been many breaches of the church’s canon, with the result that men who have recently come from a pagan life to the faith after a short catechumenate have been admitted at once to the spiritual washing, and at the same time as their baptism have been promoted to the episcopate or the presbyterate, it is agreed that it would be well for nothing of the kind to occur in the future. Hosius of Cordubancea was probably one of the Papal legatesmay have presided over its deliberations.

Josepho Alberigo et al, 3rd edition, Bologna: Although the most vocal of anti-Arians, the Homoousians from the Koine Greek word translated as “of same substance” which was condemned at the Council of Antioch in — were in the minority, the Creed was accepted by the council as an expression of the bishops’ common faith and the ancient kojsili of the whole Church.

The divine kobsili sacred First Ecumenical Council of three hundred and eighteen God-inspired fathers was convened at Nicaea, metropolis of the province of Bithynia. While Constantine had sought a unified church after nieca council, he did not force the Homoousian view of Christ’s nature on the council see The role of Constantine.

For a catechumen needs time and further probation after baptism, for the apostle’s words are clear: The sun began to set behind the waves now, sweeping a pink-purple slash kosili the clouds above the Pacific.

Konsili Nicea II

Hosius stands at the head of the lists of bishops, and Konsilu ascribes to him the actual formulation of the creed. On the basis of that precedent, the council recognized Alexandria’s ancient jurisdiction over a few provinces in the Diocese of Oriens, a diocese that was otherwise administered from Antioch.

Delegates came from every region of the Roman Empireincluding Britain. Athanasius of Alexandria, a young deacon and companion of Bishop Alexander of Alexandria, was among the assistants.

The Council of Nicaea (Nicea) and the Bible

This does discuss the council of Nicaea. The man Jesus studied for eighteen years in India before he returned to Jerusalem. This page is a work in progress, although I had not intended it so when I originally wrote it on 26th August Retrieved from ” https: