LCE Terminal Using Instructions With Logo KONE – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. KONE Corporation. Product Codes: LCE &KDL. Drawing Group Number and Title. Drawing. Drawing Title. Comments. Number. Position.

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Kone EcoDisc | Elevator Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

A typical EcoDisc motor installed in the shaft Hong Kong version usually have a safety protection guard to prevent the workers get injured. The Kone EcoDisc is a gearless hoisting machine made by Kone since the introduction of their MonoSpace elevators inthe world’s first machine room less elevator system. The EcoDisc motor was first introduced in The EcoDisc motor has many benefits such as superior material and energy efficiency, using no oil at all, has a permanent magnet synchronous motor in combination with frequency control and low friction gearless construction, all of which combine to be able to use only half the power needed by comparable conventional systems.


Not only that, it is half the weight of a conventional power unit, and is very simple, with only one moving part, making it very smooth and quiet to operate.

InKone started to provide another type of hoisting machine also called EcoDisc. It was totally redesigned which made the motor smaller than the original-sized motor [2] and that it would force Kone to distinguish between the original-sized motor or smaller-sized motor. Both the MonoSpace and MiniSpace mid-rise only models have two different types of motors and the model name for both models starts with S [3] and N [4].

All of those are lxe with their LCE Controller. This is the smallest EcoDisc motor.

It is only used for elevators with 2: A bigger EcoDisc motor compared kons MX It is used for elevators with 2: It is normally used in MonoSpace elevators with 2: It is used in elevators with 1: A large and more powerful EcoDisc machine compared to MX This is a large machine with two motors fixed on the floor. It is used on the Kone Alta elevators. It can be used in elevators with 1: This is the kond EcoDisc machine.


It is used on the Kone Alta ultra high speed elevators. Bythe Kone UltraRope can be used on this machine. Sign In Don’t have an account? Contents [ show ].

Used in a MonoSpace elevator. Bottom view of the EcoDisc motor, with the traction ropes and sheave are clearly seen.

Kone EcoDisc

EcoDisc MX 18 machines used on a newly modernized elevators. Emergency brake release lever on MX 32 machine.

In case of emergency and power failure, authorized technicians can pull the lever manually to release the brakes. Kone original-sized EcoDisc hoisting machine by Kone. Exploded view of an ecodisc motor source: Retrieved from ” http: