I played the U.K. version of Secret Files: Tunguska to write this walkthrough, and experienced no problems. Unfortunately, this will not be the case for. Secret Files: Tunguska – Walkthrough. Secret Files: Tunguska (PC) Guide by Grawl grawler (@t) gmail (d0t) com 05/20/ For Secret Files: Tunguska on the Wii, FAQ/Walkthrough by THayes.

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When you open this door, out pops a rather frightened Eddy, the caretaker.

Enter the room with the red glow to the left. Walk west to the front of the hospital. Grab the [Rat trap] and give the [Rat] to Max. Study the komplettslung plan once more.

Ramon says he knows that Perez is gone and that he will be doing the beds now. Talk to him, and you learn that every afternoon an “earthquake” knocks down his house of cards, and he’s trying to finish it this time before that happens. Attach the lighter to the fishing rod. Meet Lord Ken Morangie. Use anesthetic with blowgun to get poisoned blowgun.

Enter the door and walk to the main hall with the TV.

Secret Files: Tunguska walkthrough

An explosion is heard. It is used on the stove in the kitchen in Cuba after the log has been added. Go back to the office, and use this Book on the other pirate books to the right of the secret door. Combine the aluminium foil with the glass shard and then use the shard in aluminium foil on the projector.


Examine the gate at the left side. A magical clue that leads to the password of the computer. Use the spade on the crate. Note the two ‘men in black’ guarding the tungjska in the storage area.

Talk to the assistant once more and ask him about everything you can. Use the Matches to light the Oil Lamp. Take 2 sliced white breads from center table.

You can either view these hints for The Secret Files: Turn on the switch.

Secret Files : Tunguska Walkthrough

Pick it up again and give it to [Evenk]. Search poor Solotov to get his dog tags. Combine the twine with the reindeer hair. Now exit, and use the Tapper on the valve next to the large wall radiator to thread the rod.

Use the fishing rod on the platform again to get a laundry ball. Together, they quickly determine that Nina’s father was involved with a research expedition to Siberia in an attempt to reveal the causes of the mysterious Tunguska catastrophe of koplettlsung Listen to his description of the black robed guys. Try to fix the ascent with the iron bars.

Read the numbers on the back wall of the chimney. It is combined with the syringe to make the blowgun.

Present the Copied Pictures to Sabrina, and now she owes you a favour. Max at the museum: It is used on the pipe in the hospital courtyard to hear Nina in the room at the top of the pipe. He needs it get in a good mood. Use the Radio on Nina, 15, calling station Combine the rubber band with the unidentifiable thing to make a slingshot.


Use the portrait on the copier to get copied pictures. At Vladimir’s house, Oleg explains about an Irish biologist expedition member, FSP and that a new expedition to Tunguska with cooperative or non cooperative researchers is happening.

Enter that sequence into the keypad and you get a bridge over to the door. Put the explosive in the hole where the warning sign has been. Head back outside, and there is smoke coming from the kitchen chimney, but it’s not black yet.

Tungsuka the passage at the end of the corridor to go outside. Examine the inside of the opened flap to get the vacuum cleaner bag.

Lesniak’s room on the train. Then take the Flat Tube from Lisa’s bike, and head back to your father’s house. Put the video tape in the VCR. Note the tree resin we’ve exposed in the process, but we have nothing to put that in It is given to Oleg. Back at his door you’ll find a cute [Cat]. Get the oil lamp. Ireland, Castle As soon as you arrive in Morangie’s courtyard, you hear him calling out to you. Look at the barrel of whale oil.