Patrick Süskind’in, Almanya’da ilk yayımlanışında tam anlamıyla olay yaratan, aylarca liste başlarında kalan Koku adlı bu romanı, gerçekte alışılagelmiş. Perfume: The Story of a Murderer is a literary historical fantasy novel by German writer Patrick Süskind. The novel explores the sense of smell and its. 1 Review?id=-V5BAAAACAAJ. What people are saying – Write a review. We haven’t found any reviews in the.

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Koku : Patrick Süskind :

The author also has this cutely subtle way of letting us know patruck Greanouille is a bit of a walking curse on people who become involved with him. He could imitate human odour quite well enough with surrogates. The story mainly concerns Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, an unloved 18th-century French orphan who is born with an exceptional sense of smellbeing able to distinguish a vast range of scents in the world around him.

Sherlock Holmes would have struggled solving this case I believe.

He smelled her over from head to toe, he gathered up the last fragments of her scent under her chin, in her navel, and in the wrinkles inside her elbow. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Patrik and Privacy Policy.

And so he plies his trade, hoping to learn that elusive trick which will enable him to trap the scents of the lovely young ladies he covets from afar, so that he can create sskinr perfume he really wants — essence of maiden.

Koku : Bir Katilin Öyküsü

From he studied medieval and modern history in Munich and Aix-en-Provence. As the kooku of the book is ‘The Story of a Murderer’, I don’t think it gives anything away to say that the book climaxes in the brutal murders of 25 women that Grenouille uses to create the most perfect smelling perfume the world has ever known.


I admire lots of books but I wouldn’t say this patrjck any old novel. His fellow children notice. One thing should be said, however: One of the ways Suskind is able to so perfectly pull this off is to disassociate Grenouille from these abhorrent acts.

It’s about a murder, yet it’s not terrifying like Horror, nor is it a mystery. View all 25 comments. I do understand and respect those opinions, but I especially liked that aspect. Grenouille becomes a perfumer but becomes sksind in murder when he encounters a young girl with an unsurpassed wondrous scent.

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

Because sometimes you just have to read about an 17th century perfumer who may or may not be the Anti Christ and goes on a killing spree, before starting aa giant omnisexual fuckfest and being voluntarily cannabilized.

This book is what almost every student has to read at some point in the upper years here in good ol’ Germany. This book lulled me to sleep and caused me to welcome distractions rather than turning the page so it took me a lot longer than a book of this length normally would.

Forse aveva ragione quella mia amica: The entire book could have had no mystery at all, and I would still read it and revel in the descriptions alone. Thanks for telling us about the problem. But this is a case where I have to speak out.


The fact that this book had blood and murder was just a bonus. You were also not meant to be the first book for this year’s German class that I finish. I wanted to be swept away like so many others have been in the writing and descriptions of a world experienced through an olfactory sense however this was not to be.

Then, at the cusp of putting it into motion, the story suddenly changes perspective from the actions of Grenouille to their aftermath and the perspective of the local townspeople. Eppure io, stoica o masochista, dipenda dai punti di vistaquasi a volerla smentire, lo lessi.

Especially the whole last chapter had me laughing morbidly at scenes sskund author probably did not intend to be satire.

Koku by Patrick Süskind (1 star ratings)

I wouldn’t have thought he had a smell. Not one strong character to relate to, to like or admire, not even one to latrick.

He has no odor. That’s how I would describe Perfumethe great German classic of the s. The Story of a Murderer by Patrick Suskind, 3 stars.

He is fostered but is a difficult solitary child and eventually apprenticed to a tanner.

So perfume, just like my old Duran Duran albums and shoulder pads had to go. The only reason I have not given this five stars is because I found it rambled a little in places.