Kitei, Tekki Shodan, Tekki Nidan, Tekki Sandan, A-Nan-Ku. kitei · tekkishodan · tekkinidan · tekkisandan · Ananku. ; Sugiyama, Kitei, The roundhouse kick doesn’t appear in any katas (until you get to Master Nishiyama’s Kitei kata). Beginners should be encouraged to. jitte kata step 3, steps , steps , Johnson, Nathan, 50, Kim, Richard, 86, 88, 90 Kinjo, Sanda, 7 1 kitei kata, Kiyuna Peichin.

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The kata expose us to techniques and movements that may have never occurred to us, and the training of something new shocks us and helps us overcome training plateaus.

While trying to finish on the same spot can provide some feedback iitei to how well you follow the performance line of a particular kata, it is not definitive. Kata provide an alternative to free oata for self-defense, and show us how karate can be a useful and practical fighting system.

Kitei – Kevin Little – 2016 Fremont Shotokan Karate Black Belt Tournament

Nakayama, the Shotokan world became entranced with the idea that kata must start and finish in the same spot. Jiin, for example, ends 3 feet to the left kihei where you started. Kata forces us to do something that was not our own creation. Most people who compete in karate competitions point out that kata are little more than performance art, and that the techniques enclosed within are, for the most part, not effective in competitive situations.

When the body and the movements were rigid and the strength was in a very dissipated form, techniques looked strong. The kata do not seem to be useful in aiding sparring ability.


With the advent of competitions, being able to place the finish in the exact, correct spot was made an important ,ata. Because kata were developed before the advent of the automobile in Okinawa, most people were limited to their geographic location, and were unable to learn the kata practiced in another city.

You can see the punching, blocking, and kicking applications of the movements — the most simple of applications and the most unlikely. Ancient kkitei are good; new kata are bad. Shotokan, as indicated by the type of kata practiced, is totally Shorin-Ryu based.

Kata – Karate Tradycyjne

Eventually, when Karate-do Kyohan by Funakoshi was kkata, there were only 15 official kata listed as necessary for advancement. In general, a young, healthy, reasonably athletic person should, with regular and continuous training, be fluent in all 26 kata within 15 years of beginning kxta. Nowadays it is only the performer who feels that his blows are effective. They are all interlocking and explain each other. He lists as many as 30 different kata, some of which we no longer do today.

You have a smooth, dynamic kata that is impressive to watch [at this point it is still just a dance]. Breathing must katta continuous without retentions. The kata have been handed down from teacher to student — some for more than years. The kata store a collected body of knowledge. The kata also act as a database or library of techniques. You can remember the movements from beginning to end; 2.

When you pull out your tokui kata and perform it, it is supposed to be a kata that you have particular skill with. The closest relatives of the karate kata are shadow boxing, dancing, and a gymnastics floor routine. There are several stages of fluency possible in a kata:.


Why are some kata not in Shotokan? A kata created by a tournament competitor will probably lack the complexity and appeal of the older, jujutsu based movements of the original Okinawan creations.

You have mastered kaa movements in the kata and probably know lots of interesting trivia about it; 7.

How many of us would have thought of the jump in Unsu or the techniques in Jion without having to learn a kata? Kata contain between 20 and 70 techniques, so performing one 15 times or more usually requires quite a bit of time and energy.

Asian cultures have thousands-of-years-old traditions of arranging information into explanatory folk dances. Applications found within the kata, whether of original intent or reverse engineered, are quite frequently more representative of self-defense than is competition sparring. You have a smooth, dynamic kata that is impressive to watch [at this point it is still just a dance]; 6.

You can vary the workout in chunks depending up on the length of the kata you choose to practice, and you can personalize the intensity of your workout by performing the kata with varying degrees of power.

Shotokan International – Kata Videos

This style is characterized by slow, tense movements in narrow stances with an emphasis on body conditioning and strengthening.

The tokui section is comprised of your choice of a kata to perform. The beauty of someone performing a kata well is difficult to describe.