Solved: Dear techies, I am newbie to kintana deployment tool, I would like to read and understand suggest me books and reference.. topics like. HP (acquired Kintana-Kintana Dashboard). Tool Specs Kintana Dashboard provides a single point-of-access to all of your IT projects and operations. HP (acquired Kintana-Kintana Dashboard). Tool Specs With Kintana Dashboard, project teams always know the current and correct status of.

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Hammers pound one … object into the other object.

Previous or default timesheets can be copied and changed to speed up entry. What’s the overall picture on resource capacity and utilization?

kintana tool for migration |

Views Read Edit View history. This notification list will need to be maintained as new products are added or people change positions. Ointana what they do now anyway. What is a tool? You can either add a flow-back step with status ‘Pending Clarification’ to send back the request to the user for clarification or you could just have the QA analyst call back the originator, get the extra information, and have him add this on the Notes tab.

You’re not being asked to automate the whole world, and your workflow will end up an unwieldy failure if you try to do so. You open the issue and fill in the information you need to add.


Landan in —which was repaid—did not appear to have been approved in advance by the Board of Directors and was referred to in some of the company’s public filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, but was not clearly disclosed. Project scheduling and tracking. Kintana Demand Manager As of 5. The recipient list may be an explicitly specified security group, or a token that evaluates to a specific User or users, or NOT recommended practice!

HP (acquired Kintana-Kintana Dashboard)

Trowels spread, flatten, and etch a pattern of crevices to allow water to escape from the top of cement between bricks.

By using this site, you accept the Rool of Use and Rules of Participation. After all this is well understood process. Essentially it’s doing book-keeping of ‘not-our-fault’ cases.

Not to be confused with Mercury Systems. Let’s try and define the bug handling process as practised by the Quality Assurance and Developer Teams.

Mercury Interactive – Wikipedia

Provides management of multi-project programs. Demand Management moves information between people and results in faster information flow between them and clear insight into the status of kintanq requests. The other steps can occur in any order. The graphic is from an earlier version of PPM when custom information was grouped under ‘Tabs’ instead of ‘Sections’ but this makes no practical difference.

Would you like to merge this question into it?

kintana tool for migration

QA find the bug is documented with perfect accuracy so all they need to do it pass this over to the appropriate Team Lead in Development. Kintsna the problems we had with the development team lead complicating our workflow with side flows to prove that work was’nt being held up by him?


The more modules you have feeding the centralized database the easier it is to data mine the information pool to get real-time where-are-we-at operational status and aggregated value, performance, capacity, kintaan financial information.

The Chief Executive Officer, Amnon Landan, also was found to have misreported personal stock option exercise dates to increase his profit on transactions three times between and This basically is it, and that’s all that’s important.

In the second case i’d say that we kintaja need to define a ‘Not Approved’ flow back, and to the Team Lead, not the Developer because the Team lead may need to deal with resource issues – that developer may now be busy on something else.

How do you actually, practically, go about setting up your first Kintana Demand workflow? Time can be charged to Projects, work item requests, vacation or meeting overhead. What tools do tool makers use? With Kintana Dashboard, project teams always know the current and correct status of their efforts.