Between until the outbreak of World War II, nearly 10, Jewish children were taken from their families in Nazi-occupied Germany and sent to live with. Centre’s touring production of Diane Samuel’s play Kindertransport. The pack is Vocally – using different accents for different characters; working on these. Kindertransport. Audition Pieces. Piece No. Pages. Pages (In Script). Who. A1. 1 – 2. Act 1 Sc 1: 4 – 7. Evelyn / Faith. A2. 3. Act 1 Sc 1: 7 – 9. Eva / Helga. A3. 4 – 5.

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When Eva arrives in London, speaking no English, and feeling very much abandoned, she is taken under the wing of Lil Miller.

The play jumps back and sript between three time periods: She is unhappy and misses her mother.

National Unified Auditions New York. Jan 4 – Jan Nick Hern Books uses cookies on this website. Cockpit Theatre, London, ; West End, The author’s guide to the playinvaluable for anyone studying, teaching or performing the play. They are stored locally on your computer or mobile device.

Brutally separated from her German Jewish parents at the age of nine, Eva is brought to England scgipt the promise of a new life Lil allows Eva to smoke when she meets her which shows how Lil is not a proper guardian for Eva at first.

Male 0Female 5Neutral 0. Over 10, Jewish children from various countries were placed in British foster homes. Watford Palace Theatre staged it inin a production that transferred to the West End.


Kindertransport (play) – Wikipedia

Retrieved from ” https: Over thirty years later, her now grown-up daughter, Faith stumbles across some old letters in their attic and Evelyn is forced to confront her traumatic past. Since its premiere the play has been revived several times.

This page is only accessible by StageAgent Pro members. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. They have an argument and Helga leaves, which is then followed by an imaginary vicious, angry argument between Helga and Evelyn in which Evelyn gets out all of her hatred for Helga, and she proclaims that Helga IS the Ratcatchera character constantly present in the play. In Novemberafter nights of violence against Jews across Germany and Austria, the British government introduced a programme called the Kindertransport children’s transportwhich gave Jewish children—and only children—safe passage to the UK.

It also won the Meyer-Whitworth Award in Spared the horrors of the death camps, the Jewish “Kinder” were uprooted, separated from their parents and transported to a different culture where they faced, not the unmitigated horror of the death camps, but a very human mixture of kindness, indifference, occasional exploitation, and the selflessness of ordinary people faced with needy children.

Kindertransport (Play) Plot & Characters | StageAgent

This page was last edited on 25 Mayat Now widely considered a modern classic, Kindertransport pla been read and studied the world over. Read More actors, singers, dancers Performer.


To accept cookies continue browsing as normal. Click here to post your opportunity. She lives with Lil, a woman who has two other children Nora and Margaret and is married to Jack. Helga is offended and upset that Evelyn will not travel to New York with her to stay with family.

No performance may be given unless a licence has been obtained. This edition includes several personal memoirs by German-born children whose lives were saved, and transformed, by the Kindertransport. Mostly female cast Includes adult, young kinxertransport, early teen, late teen, mature adult characters. A thrilling play about Dr Jacob Bronowski, buried secrets, and six million years of human history.


Though fictitious, it is based upon many real kindertransport stories. Eva Schlesinger, daughter of Helga and Werner, is sent away to kindertrasport with a foster carer in Manchester, England, temporarily until her parents find work and move to England too.

Watford Palace Theatre staged it inin a production that transferred to the West End. Gain full access to show guides, character breakdowns, auditions, monologues and more!