Now, following in the footsteps of Keydom, Keythedral has appeared in a new Law cards are usually very good things to have as they can bend rules to your. A keythedral is to be built in the middle of keydom. Another board is placed on the table, which explains some of the rules, and has cubes (yellow, purple, and. A keythedral is to be built in the middle of Keydom. markers; 5 work order markers; 5 turn order cards; 5 player screens; 1 start player marker; 1 rules booklet.

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A full explanation of each of the law cards is included in the appendix. When laying cottage tiles a player will find it helpful later in the game if their cottages are adjacent to each of the five types of fields. If a law card is played e. This fence marker cannot be re-laid later in the game.

When laying a cottage tile the tile is placed so that the lighter coloured background is showing. Players may then choose to fence off some of the fields in order to keep out their opponent’s workers.

The values of these special seats are shown on the building tiles. Each law card is used only once and is effective only once. Once the number three tiles have all been acquired then turn over the three number four tiles.


Make a purchase from the blacksmith, glassmaker or keythedraal. It costs one brown resource cube to build each one of these fences. Place building tiles face down number side showing onto matching numbered spaces on the Keythedral mat. Variation three The architect has completed his design before the building of the Keythedral is begun.


Phase three, action six – procure a new law card There are two new law cards available in each round.

For one round only you choose the order in which all of the work order markers are placed on the Keythedral mat and therefore the order in which all of the workers will leave the cottages and houses.

You may build houses as usual. End of the game The game ends immediately the last building tile has been successfully acquired from rlues Keythedral. Build or remove a fence. Introduction Keythedral is a game for three to five players, aged eight or above, rkles approximately 60 to 90 minutes.

The trader will accept one resource cube instead of two and in exchange give two resource cubes of any type instead of one. Starting with the player to the left of player B player Ckrythedral player has one opportunity to bid in order to be able to choose the start player for the following round.

Variation one Keythedral can be played by two players only. No players take any resource cubes for this type of field in phase two.

Place the two cubes you have given the blacksmith into the store. A fence is declared unsafe and must be dismantled. These seats will confer status and prestige to the workers and victory to one of the players. This could happen as a result of one, two, three or four fences being played, depending on how many field tiles are adjacent to the cottage tile. The reverse of the tile depicts a seat and its value.

In the game, each player starts with five cottages. The following modifications to the rules are required: Usually this will be the player who won the bidding. Keytbedral law master is an important figure who issues the laws that govern Keyland and its inhabitants.


Keythedral has been added to your Comparison Cart. Preparation – distribute the playing pieces Each player receives a set of five cottage tiles, ten worker counters, three fences, a screen and a turn order card in their chosen colour.

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In this way you will never be certain what the exact building requirements will be until the building tiles in play are turned over. Phase three, action three – build or remove a fence Each player has three fences of their own colour. I see how if I place poorly, it will leave a better placement open for another player.

The Keythedral will be built in five stages.

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It costs two red resource cubes to remove a fence marker. A player may remove any colour of fence. Place the cube you have given the law master into the store. Tags separate by space: A player who has previously passed may still perform any of the above actions unless either A. You may wish to do this in order to reposition the cottage or house elsewhere. Place the Keythedral tile in the centre of the playing surface.

They will get stone from the quarries, timber from the woods, water from the lakes, food from the farms and wine from the vineyards.