Kesavananda Bharati V. State of Kerala () Shankari Prasad vs Union of India (AIR SC ) . Champakam Dorairajan vs State of Madras. Issue. JUDGMENT W.P.(C) OF Appellants: His Holiness Kesavananda Bharati Sripadagalvaru and Ors. Vs. Respondent: State of Kerala and Anr. Decided. The fundamental question dealt in Kesavananda Bharati v State of Kerala is whether the power to amend the constitution is an unlimited, or there is identifiable.

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The Kesavananda Bharati Case: He thought that “if the Constitution-makers had intended that any future amendment of the provisions in regard to fundamental rights should be subject to Article 13 2they would have taken the precaution of making a kedala provision in that behalf.

Raj Narain Singh v. The Court allowed the application for urging additional grounds and for amendment of the writ petition on August 10, and issued notices to the Advocates-General to appear before this Court and take such part in the proceedings as they may be advised. In an emergency every citizen is liable to be subjected to extraordinary restrictions.

Og is not right to construe words in vacuum and then insert the meaning into an article. They were reluctant to grant complete and unfettered authority to Parliament with respect to power of amendment. State of Kerala A. Statte, Section 29 1 corresponds to Articles andand Section 29 4 corresponds to Article of our Constitution, and Sections 29 2 and 29 3 correspond to Article 13 2 of our Constitution, read with fundamental rights. If this is true-I say that the concession was rightly made-then which is that meaning of the word “Amendment” that is most appropriate and fits in with the while scheme of the Constitution.

If they cannot, it will be for consideration whether they can be modified. English words derive colour from those which surround them. Thornton on “Legislative Drafting”-p. Nor is it reasonable to assume that the minds of all those legislators were in accord, or, as it is more tersely put in an American case. Pan American Airways 1 All E. Lake 99 C.

Does the fact that the Constitution is “federal” carry with it implications limiting the law-making powers of the Parliament of the Commonwealth with regard to the States?

But the proposition which is not acceptable is that a legislature, once established, has some inherent power derived from the mere fact of its establishment to make a valid law by the resolution of a bare majority kwsavananda its own constituent instrument has said shall not be a valid law unless made by a different type of majority or by a different legislative process.


Kesavananda Bharati v. State of Kerala – Wikipedia

Assembly resist the persistent efforts of Shri B. To implement and fortify these supreme purposes set forth in the preamble, Part III of our Constitution has provided for us certain fundamental rights. Although the Government has not been able to fulfil it completely, it cannot be compelled by any court of law to provide such education. Held that the Constitution ketala India which is essentially a social rather than a political document, is founded on a social philosophy and as such has two keerala features basic and circumstantial.

The suggestion was accepted by the Assembly and further consideration of the Preamble was held over. In Union of India v. The second provision, Article 31 5 awas designed to protect existing legislation dealing with compulsory acquisition. What again is remarkable is that the fundamental rights are not included in the proviso at all.

It is true that there is no complete definition of the word kerla in the article but it is significant that the definition does not seek to exclude Constitutional amendments which it would have been easy to indicate in the definition by adding “but shall not include an amendment of the Constitution”.


Therefore, the words “amendment of the Constitution” in spite of the width of their sweep and in spite of their amplitude, could not have the effect of empowering the Parliament to destroy or abrogate the basic structure or framework of the Constitution. He laid special importance on the issue of minorities.

It is in the preamble of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act, that ‘one indissoluble Federal Commonwealth’ is mentioned. He took sanyasa at the age of 19 and has been heading the mutt since as Peetadhipathi and head of Edneer Mutt. Kamal Nath — Kamal Nath Case. I respectfully adopt the reasoning of Lord Greene in construing the expression “the amendment of the Constitution. Whereas disregard and contempt for human rights have resulted in barbarous acts which have outraged the conscience of mankind, and the advent of a world in which human beings shall enjoy freedom of speech and belief and freedom from fear and want has been proclaimed as the highest aspiration of the common people.

Here, the comprehensive expression “repeal or amend” gives power to have a completely new Act different from an existing act of Parliament. The Supreme Court reviewed the decision in Golaknath v. I may set out here the observations of the Judicial Committee regarding McCawley’s case.

  78L05A SOP-8 PDF

The Advisory Committee met on February 27, to constitute various sub-committees including the Minorities Sub-Committee. I need hardly observe that I am not interpreting an ordinary statute, but a Constitution which apart from setting up a machinery for government, has a noble and grand vision.

The Constitution gives so many assurances in Part III that it would be difficult to think that they were the play-things of a special majority.

Kesavananda Bharati vs State Of Kerala And Anr on 24 April,

H R Khanna has given in his judgment that the Parliament had full power to amend the Constitution, however, since it is only a “power to amend”, the basic structure or framework of the structure should remain intact. It expresses “what we had thought or dreamt for so long.

Seervai on the last 3 cases just cited. Bangladesh 41 DLR App. The case was heard by the largest ever Constitution Bench of 13 Bhwrati. According to him “Our Preamble is more akin in nature to the American Declaration of Independence July 4, then to the preamble to the Constittuion of the United States.

State of Kerala and Anr.

Kesavananda Bharati

Another point at issue was the status of the Commonwealth and the States under the Constitution, and the extent to which the Statr Parliament may pass laws binding on the States, considered generally and historically, and with particular reference to the question whether there is any implied limitation on Commonwealth legislative power. Restraints to be implied against any exercise of power by Commonwealth against State and State against Commonwealth calculated to destroy or detract from the independent exercise of the functions of the one or the other These two articles, namely Article and Article show that the Constitution makers contemplated that fundamental rights might impede the State in meeting an emergency, and it was accordingly provided that Article 19 shall not operate for a limited time, and so also Article 32 and Article if the President so declares by order.

It was held that “as a matter of construction of the Act, there was nothing in the Act or its preamble, interpreted in the light of the earlier relevant statutes