This heroic tale was inspired by a true story that took place over years ago. It tells of Katje the windmill cat who lives happily with Nico, the miller, in a Dutch. Woelfle (The Wind at Work: An Activity Guide to Windmills) transforms a historical account of the 15th-century St. Elizabeth’s Day flood in Holland into an en. Katje, the Windmill Cat has ratings and 38 reviews. Kathryn said: Based on the true story of the Elizabeth’s Day Flood in South Holland, this is.

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Stories from Where We Live. Stories of African Americans and the American Revolution. The story also teaches children about the history on November 5 on st Elizabeth’s day where a violent storm from the North Sea broke through the dikes flooding a small village in South Holland.

I don’t think there is anything exactly wrong with the way it was told, and there is a happy ending BUT, being such a cat-lover myself, the miller’s wife’s lack of understanding about Katje upset me.

KATJE, THE WINDMILL CAT by Gretchen Woelfle , Nicola Bayley | Kirkus Reviews

My sadness persisted even after things turned around hhe the cat was once again appreciated. Walker’s editing and design team have presented the book with the skill and care which it deserves. The story was a bit overdone. I’ll have to find some other stories based on real life with animals in them.

Katje the Windmill Cat

The flood and the rescue really happened in Holland about six hundred years ago. The only thing I didn’t like about it was the wife’s treatment of the cat to begin with!


This reminds me of a sad ep of My Cat From Hell actually. Bayley’s illustrations are both sumptuous and delicate, deliberately recalling Dutch domestic and fine kajte. Mumbet’s Declaration of Independence A Revolutionary woman who made history!

There was a problem adding your email address. When their reading abilities improve it is a good story to read themselves. They are in an old style as the story is an old one set in long ago times. These full-color illustrations windmull complemented by Delft blue tiles at the left of each page, the tiny details of which echo the action in the kafje illustrations—a dead mouse is depicted with tiny feet in the air on one tile, while the accompanying picture shows a determined Katje chasing mice through the mill.

The Best Books of Love a cat story inspired by real tue events! After Katje was published in Holland, a Dutch man read the book, found my website, and emailed me to say that the story took place in his hometown of Dordrecht, and he knew who the baby was!

She was able to get more into this true story which I read to her after finishing Katje. It’s a lovely book to read to kids who are learning to read.


Woelfle’s text is conversational and understated, just right for a domestic tale katne turns into high drama. Made me very sad and very angry, even though there is a happy ending to this historical fiction tale.


Based on historical fiction? Based on a true story and beautifully illustrated. Katje the Windmill Cat is based on a true story.

Published August 8th by Candlewick first published When the town’s dike breaks and Anneke and the cat are swept into dangerous floodwaters, Katje keeps the baby’s cradle level until they are rescued. Why was I crying my eyes out at the end of this story?

Katje the cat kaje to Niko the miller, but when he marries and Anneke is born, the feline is no longer the center of the household. I would recommend this book because it taught about a different part of history that took place in Holland.

Books by Gretchen Woelfle.

Katje, the Windmill Cat by Gretchen Woelfle | Scholastic

But, from the flood sprung the legend of the cat and a baby in a cradle that lived in one of the 19 windmills in the area known as Kinderdijk Children’s Dike in Alblasserward. Her pictures look like paintings from the Dutch Renaissance. The Windmill Cat” on Amazon. Answering the Cry for Freedom: Based on the true story of the Elizabeth’s Day Flood in South Holland, this is the story of Katje, the windmill cat, who is not welcomed by the miller’s new wife but eventually saves the day.

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