The Dirt on Clean has ratings and reviews. carol. said: I love a clean space. I actually like cleaning, particularly when it involves dusting m. Buy Historia brudu by Katherine Ashenburg (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Katherine Ashenburg is a writer, teacher, and speaker. She is Historia Brudu, to give the book its Polish title, is a best-seller in Poland, where it has just been.

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Want to Read saving…. Christian Europe, on the other hand, shunned washing for centuries. Dec 27, Tracy Trofimencoff rated it it was amazing. She points out that Christianity is one of the few religions that doesn’t insist on cleanliness of the body, and describes times and places where bathing with water was thought to be impious, unhealthy or unsavory. Claire Allfree, in Metroin London 26 Marchwrote of the new paperback, “An entertaining book that really does belong in the bathroom.

The book is full of interesting quotes, paintings, and ads.

Open Preview See a Problem? It’s informative but meh This book sparked many conversations in my house along with laughter and shock at some of the past practices of what it means to be clean.

The fault bruudu in the marketing companies do I see a familiar trend for today’s issues???

Some areas retained bathing and bathhouses the Swiss, the French through the s, but the plague ended up being a fatal blow to the conception of water as healthy because of the growing belief that baths and water opened the pores and let “pestiferous vapour in” p. It examines bathing and hygiene practices right back to Roman times.

Watch out for the water! It got to the point where after taking back the invaded land, they declared a law stating that any Moor who converted had to give up bathing. I will confess that I times I was a bit grossed out, but Ashenburg’s detail on the history of cleanliness made the book impossible to put ashenbug. For a long period of time, cleanliness was represented by having closets loaded with clean white linen.


My problem with this book is that it was neither fish nor fowl. Jun 04, Louise Culmer rated it really liked it. Other ages had different ideas.

: Katherine Ashenburg: Books

This is on my list as soon as the library gets it in. It was simply because 1. To compensate, she has references to hygiene practices or lack thereof down there. Rossco The rated it it was ok May 10, Hippocrates apparently believed hot and cold baths could bring the body’s humours into balance. If we Filipinos paid half as much attention to the cleanliness of our surroundings as we do our bodies, imagine what a much better place our country could be.

Watch out for the water!

After each menstrual cycle, they were required to take a special purifying bath that required them to have nothing touching the skin. It was so boring I was distracted by other things.

Washing ones wshenburg, face and sometimes feet was often the most even a hoity-toity type would do. In the s, advertisers strove to convince women that they could never find and keep a husband without the correct hygiene products the phrase “always a bridesmaid, never a bride” was invented by Lysterinealthough previous generations managed to have a healthy love life despite their stinkiness.

Despite having katheine different views on hygiene, bruxu European countries had a fear of water. On the other side, she also enjoys sharing the Trivia l Pursuit or Entertainment Tonight type of stories where we get the scandalous and shocking details of what they did Way Back When, such as when Jean-Jacques Rousseau griped that a house was so full of “maids and teasing lackeys [that] I do not find a single wall or wretched little corner” to pee in.


Katherine Ashenburg

And in court, you would get automatic suspicion if someone accused you of bathing. I actually like cleaning, particularly when it involves dusting my bookshelves. Shannon rated it it was ok Nov 22, ashennurg I’m sorry to be cruel but I wish a more talented or just a more hard-working author had picked this subject.

Further chapters hitoria the return of cold historoa bathing in the s which coincided with the view that the pores should be open so that germs could be flushed away from the body.

O’Brien rated it it was amazing. Also, you’ll get glimpses into Eastern cultures that influenced or scorned the Western ways. Oct 04, Wealhtheow rated it liked it Shelves: Really, as I was reading it, it made me think about certain stereotypes – for example, the “dirty hippie”, and what the “dirty” part meant, and why “dirty” is so often used to discredit someone or something. She holds a mirror ashenbur to history hustoria to our own day, when an overemphasis on squeaky-cleanness may be contributing to allergies and ill health the “hygiene hypothesis”.

It was vaguely interesting, in a sleepy-time bath kind of way. After reading this I remain endlessly grateful for my current life in the 21st century and my own hot shower on tap. See 1 question about The Dirt on Clean…. Apr 06, Ellen rated it it was amazing.