RIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT – 4(1)(b) PRED, Central Office – · RIGHT TO THE KARNATAKA PANCHAYAT RAJ ACT – · RIGHT TO. Amendment of Section 2: In the Karnataka Panchayat Raj Act, as so re- titled conditions prescribed of grant or release of the funds by the State. Act Info: Preamble 1 – KARNATAKA PANCHAYAT RAJ ACT, Chapter I. Section 1 Section 4 – Declaration of panchayat area and establishment of Grama Panchayats. Section 5 .. Section – Release of premises from requisitioning.

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Members of the Zila Parishad are elected from the district. Every Zilla Panchayat has seats reserved for scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, backward classes and women. It has jurisdiction over a group of villages. Section – Punishment for offences under this Act and powers to compound. Section 71 – Transfer of institutions or works to Grama Versio.

Section 93 – Licensing of places for disposal of the dead. Section – Taluk Panchayat may raise loans and form a sinking fund.

Section 38 – Restrictions on the printing of pamphlets, posters, etc. Section 74 – Removal of structures, trees etc.

Karnataka enacted the new Panchayat Raj Act incorporating all the mandatory provisions of 73rd Amendment to the Indian Constitution. Section – Levy of taxes, rates, etc. Section – Rights of owner of land through which drain is carried in regard to subsequent building thereon.


Section 97 – Public landing places, carts stand etc. Section – Taluk Panchayat may require the presence of Government officers at meetings. Section – Power of inspection and supervision. Section – Composition of taxes pancjayat factory areas.

Section – Cost of altering, repairing and keeping in proper order privies etc. The Panchayats are among the oldest institutions for local governance in rural Karnataka. Amending Act – Zilla Panchayat may require the presence of Government officers at meetings.

Karnataka Panchayat Raj

Section D – Returning Officer etc. Section – Rules and orders to be laid before the Houses of the State Legislature. Section 32 – Removal of ballot papers from polling stations to kannaca an kwnnada. Section – Power of entry into and inspection of premises etc. This panchayat unit is headed by a chairperson who is known as Sarpanch.

Section 94 – A book to be kept of places registered, licensed, or provided. Section – Grama Panchayat may acquire, hold and dispose off property, etc.

Section oanchayat – Closing of places for the disposal of the dead. Section – Penalty for interested member voting. Section 84 – Power to set apart public springs etc. Section 82 – Powers and duties in regard to sources of water supply.

Section 72 – Obstructions and encroachments upon public streets and open sites. Section – Resignation or removal of Adhyaksha and Upadhyaksha.

Section 33 – Other offences and penalties thereof.

Section – Eviction from requisitioned premises. Section – Consequences of absorption of part of a panchayat area or on an area within the limits of the district or Taluk into a larger urban area etc. It has jurisdiction over the entire district except those portions that are included in smaller urban areas or are under the authority of Municipal Corporations, Town Panchayat or Industrial Township. Gram panchayat represents an assembly of the village elders who are directly elected by the citizens of the village.


Karnataka Panchayat Raj Act Complete Act – Citation – Bare Act | LegalCrystal

Section – Functions of the Executive Officer and other officers and officials. Section – Recovery of taxes and other dues. Section 78 – Power of Grama Panchayat to make bye-laws regarding provision of water supply. Section 86 – Penalty for using water for certain purposes. Section – Expenses or costs how determined and recovered. Section – Action by Zilla Panchayat on audit report. Section – Term of office of members of interim Grama Panchayat and their powers.

Section – Power of Government to make model regulations and bye-laws and adoption of such regulations and bye-laws by the Panchayats.

Section – Removal of members for misconduct. Section – Adjustment of Government dues etc. Section – Salary and allowances to the Adhyaksha and Upadhyaksha and other members.