Due to the good reviews of the Kanzen Master series of 2kyuu and 1kyuu level review HOLIDAY COUNTDOWN DEALS (Dec ). Get this from a library! Kanzen masutā 3-kyū, Nihongo nōryoku shiken bunpō mondai taisaku = Complete master series, level 3, the Japanese language. Shin Kanzen Masuta Bunpo: Nihongo Noryoku Shiken N3 (New Complete Master Series – The Japanese Language Proficiency Test: N3 Grammar) Part 3 : ‘Mogi Shiken’ (A mock test so the learner can confirm his/her level). In ‘Jitsuryoku .

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Login Register Login Username: Due to the good reviews of the Kanzen Master series of 2kyuu and 1kyuu level review books for the JLPT, I think I will get some to study for those tests.

Studying for JLPT with Kanzen Master

However, I was wondering which to get. I have already bought a grammar book as well as one with a few practice tests for 2kyuu, kanxen I was considering the vocabulary, kanji, and reading comprehension books. If anyone who has used this book could give me some input on how helpful it is, I would appreciate it!

Also, knazen additional reviews on the other books I mentioned would be great as well. I believe in picking up words naturally, or from a list. A book on vocab isn’t really much help in my opinion.

The reading book seemed pretty dense, not necessarily that much fun, but I’m going to pick up a copy to prep for the test.


The blue listening book surprised mqster as the aim seems to be to write down sentences that you hear using the appropriate kanji. That said, the exercises themselves are great for putting Heisig to use!

日本語を学ぼう♪: Shin Kanzen Master N2

Advertising Register to ianzen. Can anyone describe how Kanzen master grammar 1kyuu is setup? Is there Japanese sentences with English translation, with explanation? And does anyone have some reviews about the reading comprehension books? Any use to them SRS wise? Kanzen Master grammar books are basically split up into grammar points. Each grammar point is presented with masfer or two synonyms.

You also get some quick info how the grammar structure is used. Then you get several example sentences illustrating its use. Of course, the sentences are of the same level as the JLPT in question. Overall, I’d say the grammar books are very good and useful.

How come jlpt 2 grammar are not included in the jlpt grammar for lvl 1 on that website. Maybe they infer you went to 2 before 1 i guess? So you’d have to end up goign through lvls to get it all? It would ridiculous to make all study material inclusive. The whole point of having levels is that it’s progressive. If you want all the grammar up to level 1, just merge the 4 levels.

And if you want to look up a specific grammar point the search is quite good. I have also used Kanzen Master 2kyuu, but I have yet to pass the test in December.


I found this links very helpful in addition to the Japanese-only explanations: Sometimes it’s very rough, but you’ll have to get the “feeling” for when to use what from actual texts anyway.

If you need more information on grammar points, I recommend getting the A Dictionary of Japanese Grammar books. The books include everything.

Example sentences, example translations of the structure, notes on how, when, where it’s used. Comparisons with other grammatical points, highlighting differences. The books are amazing. I don’t dare to post links here since the forum isn’t very prone to piracy, but if people want them, I guess you can send me a mail.

While it got me the marks I needed I didn’t really understand all the nuances of the grammar points and didn’t enjoy studying it really. I’ve since had to restudy most of what i “learnt”. It’s a huge difference than just using the Kanzen book alone. I understand grammar points much better and am almost starting to like learning grammar NB – i did say “almost”.

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