Species: Kaloula pulchra. Size (snout to vent): Female cm, male cm. Play call ▻. The Banded Bullfrog is a highly adaptable species able to survive in. The Asian painted bullfrog (Kaloula pulchra) is a somewhat cute and comical narrow-mouthed toad from Asia. It has established itself as something of a regular. Phylum/Division: Chordata. Class: Amphibia. Order: Anura. Family: Microhylidae. Genus: Kaloula. Species: K. pulchra. Common Names: Banded Bullfrog. Status.

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In the wild, chubby frogs traditionally utilize rain pools and flooded ditches for breeding.

Banded bullfrog (Kaloula pulchra)

Population size is treated under Population Biology, and trends in population sizes are treated under Trends.

Once spawning has taken place, the adults should pupchra removed from the rain chamber and returned to their usual living quarters. Males kaloulaa darker throats than females.

Kaloula macrocephala Ohler, Views Read Edit View history. Solitary and nocturnal, the Banded Bullfrog inhabits various habitats from built-up areas pulcnra forests. In India, the frogs call after the first heavy monsoon showers in April—May. Does not include altitudinal distribution, which is covered under Habitat. Describes reproductive physiology and behavior, including mating and life history variables. These frogs belonging to the narrow-mouthed frog family have round bodies with mahogany brown backs and cream stomachs.

Related observations Show all. It has been introduced and become established in Guam, [4] Singapore, Borneo and Sulawesi with specimens noted in Australia and New Zealand.

The tadpoles can metamorphose in as little as two weeks. Temperatures in the enclosure can be maintained using a thermostatically controlled heat mat set between 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit in the daytime, with a drop in night-time temperatures to 68 to 70 degrees.

Banded bullfrog – Wikipedia

After a day or two in this rain chamber, males should be calling loudly in chorus. Callula macrodactyla Boulenger, Ann. I stop offering crickets at this time and instead introduce a colony of woodlice or similar, so food is present for the frogs if they wish to forage for it. I have had success in breeding this species with no artificial lighting oulchra, but everything you do to enhance breeding triggers can ultimately increase your chances of a successful mating.


Painted frogs hide under leaf litter during the day hours and eat in the evening. Mealworms can be fed once a week or so if one Asian Kaloila Frog is kept at home, but should not make up most of its diet they can be used as a laxative. The distinctive stripes down the side ksloula range from copper-brown to salmon kxloula in color.

Articles with ‘species’ microformats Articles with hAudio microformats Commons category link is on Wikidata. Adults can easily take medium-to-large crickets, but they typically show a preference for a larger number of smaller-sized insects, such as small-to-medium crickets, mini mealworms, mealworm beetles and waxmoth larvae.

Loop tapes of males calling can be made easily thanks to websites, such as YouTube, and are of benefit to encourage calling in stubborn males or when working with breeding groups lacking in males. They are maintained in aquariums with substrate choices consisting of peat—soil mixes or potting soil with sphagnum moss.

A herpetofaunal inventory of Barail Wildlife Sanctuary and adjacent regions, Assam, north-eastern Indi Pulchrra hope kaliula this article will inspire some of you to have a go at breeding chubby frogs and maybe some of our other more readily available microhylids.

At this point, the rain is turned off. One way, and my preferred option, is to install puclhra drain and external sump, where the water will be filtered and pumped back to the rain bar at a variable flow of to 1, liters per hour. Frogs can be carefully uncovered occasionally to ensure pjlchra are still in good health. Kaloula pulchra pulchra Parker, Once your frogs kwloula awake and active, its time to introduce them to the first of the two rain chamber designs you will use in your breeding attempt.

Pieces of rock and broken terracotta pot can be placed to provide further platforms for the frogs to haul themselves out of the water.

The males call while afloat in pools of water. Mating usually occurs in the early hours of the morning, during the off-cycle of the rain. Like many other narrow-mouthed frogs, painted frogs have the ability to expand themselves when threatened, and to secrete toxic glue-like substances from their bodies as a defense mechanism.


These new levels can be maintained for a period of four to six weeks. Journal of Animal Ecology33 2: They do not hibernate to the same extent as temperate species, nor do they aestivate like frogs from savannah regions. Males have darker throats than females. It should be a large, shallow, heavy ceramic bowl, such as a dog bowl, so as not to be disturbed by burrowing activity.

Skin finely granular with some pastular tubercles; skin of venter, chin and underside of thigh granulated.

The threats to which this taxon is subject. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.

Leaves, twigs and other such floating debris give the impression of a temporary puddle, while releasing beneficial tannins into the water that contain antifungal and antibacterial properties. Message The user has shared this species from India Biodiversity Portal with you.

Asian Painted Bullfrog Care

Kaloula pulchra Gray, Zool. Mainly terrestrial, they can also be found high up on tree trunks. The data is not necessarily accurate or complete. The initial stage of the cycle is the creation of a cooling period to induce the chubby frogs to go into a state of brumation.

Herping The Peruvian Amazon Rainforest. Pet trade Chubby Frogs are commonly sold in pet stores. A standard gallon enclosure 24 inches long, 12 inches wide and 12 inches tall will adequately house two to three adults.

Once you have your group settled into their enclosure and of a good size and weight, the cycling can begin. During April-June, calling aggregations of Kaloula pulchra could be seen; often climb tree; fossorial in habit. The statuses of the non-indigenous frogs in Singapore are reviewed.