CLICK FOR WHAT’S NEW (AS COMPARED WITH THE GY-HDU). The smallest and most affordable HD Cinema production camera available! JVC’s. JVC GY-HDE 3-CCD ProHD camcorder Interchangeable lenses (16x lens supplied) See All Professional JVC Camcorders. JVC GY-HDE HDV Camcorder Review. by Nigel Cooper. nigel I ve heard so many things about these two new HDV camcorders from JVC.

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When even the cheapest consumer gyhd101e is capable of this it seems odd that a camera like the HDE could not in our tests. The viewfinder is well positioned but does not offer a flip up option for the eyecup to allow the operator to view the viewfinder image from a distance without having to put their eye to gg-hd101e. What else, are yes, you can turn off the servo zoom and switch to manual, this enables you to use the chrome lever, or zoom barrel to carry out zooming.

That said it is remarkably lean in weight, the bulk of the unit coming from the lens system which forms more than half the length.

And only a fool would believe that gy-hs101e has any future in the cinema process for either shooting or projection. With a bit of practice in this department it would be possible to achieve some stunning 25P footage, especially with the Cine and Gamma modes in place. Once you have owned a GY-HDE for a few months you will wonder how you ever managed without such gy-hd11e lens; think about it, when was the last time you actually thought about the fact jbc you now have to change from 2nd to 3rd gear and looked down at the shifter when you were out driving your car?

There was just a tad of purple fringing in places, but nothing too noticeable and certainly no worse than any other HDV camcorder I have used.

When depressed the viewfinder turns to black and white and any outline areas of focus suddenly light up blue or red or green, depending on which you choose in the menusthis makes it very easy to focus accurately and quickly.


They are all so perfectly and ergonomically placed that they can all be controlled without removing your eye from the viewfinder. You will find yourself shooting in manual exposure mode more and more because of this method. Certainly the number of productions being shot on HDV and printed back to 35mm film for theatrical gy-he101e is very, very small. Usually with DV camcorders it is quite difficult achieving a nice shallow depth of field where the background is thrown out of focus.


In fact this is the first piece of equipment that I have reviewed in a long time where I was very sorry to see it go; the JVC courier man had to almost prize the packed up box from my arms when he came to take it away.


You also have to carry out a new flange back setting if you change the lens for a different gy-hd101w length lens. This is the only true way to ensure your images are in pin sharp focus at both ends of the lenses focal length and it is how the professionals have been gy-hd10e it for years.

You have to shoot like you would with a Cine Super 16 or 35mm film camera i. Amazing price for a very complete professional camera.

It has a professional flange back back focus adjuster. If I were to use the camera as a device for transferring footage to my NLE editing computer I would use the device controls via the computer.

Personally I think progressive looks much nicer than interlaced footage. The alternative preview method comes from the substantial flip-out Gy-bd101e screen. That said, the position of the LCD at the very back of the camera body makes it virtually dysfunctional, or at the very least awkward, to use in shooting.

JVC GY-HD101E HDV Camcorder Review

There were also signs of chromatic aberration The camera I had was an early sample so there were signs of gy-hs101e ‘Split Screen Effect’.

Some supporters of 24p argue that footage shot at 24p can easily be delivered as 25p or 50i in the home and it retains the look of? Set top boxes and HDV gy-hf101e will have inputs for i or P either 25 or Here is a great example of the fastidious thought and design that JVC have put into this. What also must be remembered is the over-arching golden rule when dealing with raster images those made up of pixels you can always come down, but you can?


In fact they are laid out in pretty much the same places as you would expect to find them on high-end cameras such as industry standard DigiBeta or D9 for example. Picture quality For this review I could not test the camera to its full potential with a HD screen, as I would by-hd101e liked, so my viewing was on standard definition monitors. In truth if you? However, this camera did make me want to master my 25P shooting techniques.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this review, when I fist took the GY-HDE out of the bag I was really impressed with the build quality and after playing around with it indoors for an hour I was quite simply blown away by the overall feel and built quality. Both will have a different feel and any transcoding from toor vice versa, is a reprocessing of the image data that is not often desirable.

The viewfinder can be pulled out a long way; this is very handy if you are a one-man camera operator who wears headphones for monitoring the sound.

JVC GY-HD101E with P+S Technik Mini 35 Image Converter

Do not use a free VPN jvvc ever! I suspect JVC did their market research and in particular looked at the Canon XL1 and XL2 and asked themselves the simple question of what was it that made this camera so popular for small and indie production and even not so small and indie. The third issue, that of timecode, was resolved by first striping the blank tapes to lay-down timecode before shooting. You could walk around all day with this camera on your shoulder and not feel a single twinge in your back, it really is that well balanced.

Other Fujinon and Canon lenses can be bought for this camera and they include: The second issue was never completely solved.

The only other gremlin I found was the lack of i recording in Jvv format, more on this in the next section. Superb lens with servo motor control. The zoom ring and lever is however well placed on the lens for two-hand operation, so this omission probably wont bother many users.