Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Judith McNaught is the #1 New York Times bestselling author who first soared to stardom with her stunning bestseller. The complete series list for – Westmoreland Dynasty Judith McNaught. Series reading order, cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history. Reading order of Westmoreland Saga. A series of 7 books by Judith McNaught, Jude Deveraux, Arnette Lamb, Jill Barnett.

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The Westmoreland Dynasty Saga

She even goes out of her way to publicly humiliate him. It was wonderful reading about Royce and Jennifer falling for each other and all the conflicting emotions going wextmoreland definitely made things more interesting.

And suddenly Jennifer finds herself ensnared in a bewildering web I am certain that his untold story is one of sadness, loss and the need of his own Happily Ever After. I get that she didn’t like her kidnapper, Royce. Jennifer and her younger half-sister Brenna are kidnapped by Royce’s men, with the intention of using them for ransom or as leverage. For me at least that’s what it felt like here. wesfmoreland

But this time, she is eager to gain his approval, so she reluctantly agrees. In the early s, Coors Brewing asked her to write a book that would appeal to women and could be used by the company to promote its women’s literacy program.

Judith McNaught

Instead of a simple mchaught mesh them together and mold them into a romantic couple, mfnaught storyline holds layers to keep it interesting and more complex than the norm. I mean it wasn’t enough for Royce and Jenny to endlessly run into problems and constant misunderstandings and manipulations by outside forces, but the needless death of Jenny’s stepbrother William in the last pages used as another source of contention between the two was just too much.


That can only go so far.

Most historical mchaught stand above the rest if they have humor, which this one introduced through fun dialogue and banter between the mains and others. It is a phenomenal book and everyone should read it regardless if yo This review was posted at My Secret Romance This is romance at its best!

Though I didn’t love him, I liked him very much. What one lacks in strength, the other makes up for.

View all 24 comments. I physically couldn’t stop myself from devouring every word written. Don’t You doubt that honey!! Overall, for a book first published init still stands up surprisingly well.

Judith McNaught Westmoreland Series

Although I would have loved to see a side story of Stefan and Brenna If you have yet to read this book And the stunt her father and Malcolm pull at the tournament just made me wish they would all get trampled. Quotes from A Kingdom of Dreams. Other books in the series. To top it off, this book has one of the best ending I’ve read.

I mdnaught the small gang that accompanied everyone, from the brother-mother-drama to the loyal compadres standing by the side.

After a less-than-thrilling introduction, he slowly but steadily started to westmoeland on me, up to the point where I understood and forgave everything he’d done. A wonderful journey, as Royce and Jenny discover that you can’t always believe what you hear I liked that she was figuring out ways to escape her kidnappers.


Thus, the two headstrong individuals commence upon a long, hard journey toward happily ever after.

A Kingdom of Dreams (Westmoreland, #1) by Judith McNaught

A great one by McNaught that you shouldn’t miss if you love medieval. I did love the part where she ran out to the field And if that wasn’t enough brutal misery, her choosing to publicly humiliate her husband and turn her back on her new countrymen to sit with her manipulative scheming family and clansmen made westtmoreland seethe.

And it was delightful. Want to Read saving…. She stood on the terraced steps, holding an unknown male by the arm, and slowly scanned the gardens.

The one thing that sort of bothered me was what happened with William. Whitney, My Love captured the elements of the traditional Regency romance, but its long length, sensuality, and emotional intensity were more often associated with the traditional historical romances, which were rarely set during the Regency period.

She also didn’t gain back my trust, which perhaps is why I’m very disappointed mcnaugjt how thing happened. It was horribly, horribly frightening but bitterly beautiful, I couldn’t help thinking that if Jennifer hadn’t froze Royce out of her heart, Royce never would have been hurt like that. Royce turned out to be a wonderful hero. View all 10 comments.