Congratulations to Dr. Josip Glaurdic for being awarded a European Research Council Starting Grant of million Euros from among the. Josip Glaurdic, Université du Luxembourg, Political Science Department, Faculty Member. Studies Ethnic Conflict and Civil War, Political Parties, and Electoral. For Josip Glaurdić ’01, study abroad brought him closer to understanding the tumultuous events that were a part of his experience growing up in a nation.

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Dr Josip Glaurdic wins 1.5 million ERC Starting Grant

Dr Josip Glaurdic wins 1. Western Powers and the Breakup of YugoslaviaYale University Press, New Haven and London, The break-up of Yugoslavia has generated an enormous literature — much of it poor, some of it acceptable and some of it excellent. Click here to sign up.

Log In Sign Up. Analysis of the intercepts presented in this article makes several important contributions to the interpretation of events in formerYugoslavia during that period. Etudiants en situation de handicap. According to myth, the Western powers applied the principle of national self-determination in a manner that penalised the Serb nation and privileged the non-Serbs.

The West and the break-up of Yugoslavia: ReferendumCroatiaGay marriageand Marriage Equality. Nor of the Hungarians of Vojvodina, within Serbia.

Josip Glaurdic | Université du Luxembourg –

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glaaurdic As readers may recall, in my initial critique of Gibbs, this was the specific charge that I made:. Gibbs does not explicitly mention the Srebrenica region until thirty-one pages and several sub-chapters later, and when he does, this is how he presents it: Saqi Books and Bosnia [sic] Institute, In Pursuit of Unity: In fact, the only group on the territory of the former Yugoslavia whose carving out of a wholly new entity has ever been recognised by the international community is the Bosnian Serbs.

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I shall deal shortly with the specific points Gibbs raises, but let us first make this clear: This article offers a novel initiative in revealing Carrington submitted these to the Commission, along with a third question, of whether the situation in Yugoslavia was a case of secession by Slovenia and Croatia or a case of dissolution of the common state.

Contrary to popular interpretations, mosip analysis reveals that the referendum results reflected conventional loyalties to the two principal electoral blocs, with the issues of economic protest against the poor performance of the government and the traditionalist backlash against a new way of life being of secondary importance.

British Foreign Policy and Yugoslavian wars of secession. Of decisive importance was not merely that Western and in particular US leaders viewed Gorbachev as a valued friend, but the extreme conservatism of their ideology as regards foreign policy. Nor, at the time, of the Albanians of Kosovo.

Josip Glaurdic

Using an original municipality-level data set, we test whether the pattern of voting in Europe, supported by the U. This article examines the arguably most interesting pieces of evidence used during the trial of Slobodan Milosevic at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia—more than two hundred recordings of intercepted conversations that took place in and between Milosevic, Radovan Karadzic, Dobrica Cosic, and various other protagonists on the Serbian side of the wars in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina BiH.

Feb 1, Publication Name: Debating the End of Yugoslavia Proxy politics, economic protest, or traditionalist backlash: Follow us on Twitter. Instead of the default fixed effects approach to model panel data, we apply a novel within-between specification aimed at uncovering the contextual source of variation, focusing on the effects of electoral concerns on grant allocation within and between municipalities. These factors became less important in the second half of the s, when Mikhail Gorbachev ruled the Soviet Union and the Cold War was winding down.


Inside the Serbian war machine: The problem was not merely ideological rigidity jpsip mistaken analysis on the part of Western and particular US leaders, but also sheer lack of interest. He also lacks access to German-language sources, which are crucial to understanding the diplomacy of this period. This site uses cookies.

In the summer ofI acted as translator for the aid convoy to the Bosnian town of Tuzla, organised by Workers Aid, a movement jowip solidarity in support of the Bosnian people.

Is governance crippled by the destructive legacies of conflict? However, not one of them is justified.

Thus, the only statement in his book that he can even remotely pretend represents an acknowledgement that Serb atrocities against Muslims in East Bosnia preceded Muslim atrocities against Serbs in the same region, is the following:. While the findings suggest voters do respond to parties’ economic policies, the underlying pattern of electoral support demonstrates that competition is heavily constrained by the legacy of conflict, with the communities more exposed to the violence being more likely to vote for the principal party of the center-right which led the country into independence and throughout the war.

We find evidence of a substantial political bias in grant allocation both within and between municipalities, particularly when it comes to local-level electoral concerns.